Public Works Ministry intervenes in Kwakwani\Ituni protest


ituni roadRoad users continued their protest today in relation to the state of the roads in the Ituni and Linden mines area.

The protesters blocked access to several parts of the road as part of their protest. When contacted, Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn stated that his Ministry managed to clear one of the road blocks and is currently working to remove the others.

According to the Minister, equipment has been dispatched to the area, where works are being carried out on some aspects of the road. However, according to Minister Benn, the other parts of the road cannot be fixed unless the protest comes to an end. The Public Works Minister is hoping for good sense to prevail. The protest commenced on Friday.

Meanwhile, as a result of the protest, the Education Department of Region 10 remains unable to send food to the Kwakwani Dormitory. Reports reaching the Ministry of Education indicated that the only food items present at the dorm are rice and sugar.

A truck carrying food items to the dorm on Sunday was greeted by the protesters and turned away. The Education Ministy stated that the protesters refused to let the truck through although the Education officers on the truck begged them to let the truck through.

“The Ministry of Education condemns this behavior and takes this opportunity to remind all involved that the prosecution of one’s rights should never interfere with the enjoyment of another’s rights. Children have a right to an education. This right must never be interfered with.”

The Ministry has instructed that a flight be chartered to take in the food so as to ensure the children at the Dormitory will have food to eat.



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