Public Works Ministry addresses flooding and traffic disruptions due to incomplete bridge


See full statement from the Ministry of Public Works:

The Ministry of Public Works informs the public that recent flooding in the Rupununi has caused significant traffic disruptions due to the incomplete Pirara Bridge and the inundation of the ByPass Road and Bridge. We understand the inconvenience this has caused to road users along this corridor and are diligently working to resolve the situation.

Severe storms in recent weeks have led to extensive flooding in the Savannahs, particularly along the Kurupkari–Lethem Corridor and at the Pirara Bridge site, severely disrupting traffic. In response, the RDC has provided immediate support with two boats to shuttle passengers between locations.

The Ministry has mobilized resources to construct a temporary timber decking over the new bridge to facilitate the crossing of both light and heavy traffic. Construction of this timber deck has commenced, with the remaining materials expected to be delivered by Thursday, June 13, 2024.

Efforts are underway to expedite the bridge’s completion and restore normal traffic flow as soon as possible, with an estimated completion date of Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Waters have recently started to recede, allowing light traffic to resume crossing along the ByPass Bridge. We urge drivers of light vehicles to exercise extreme caution when crossing. The Ministry also reiterates that under no circumstances should heavy vehicles attempt to cross the ByPass Bridge.