Public urged to report fake Police Force Facebook Page


The Guyana Police Force notes with concern the persistence of the author/authors behind the FAKE Facebook page purporting to be managed by the Force and clearly aimed at creating discord in society.

This observation is made against the background that the author or authors has/have since changed their logo to mimick the new one installed on the Force’s Facebook Page. Such actions confirm the ill-intent of the author/authors.

To this end, it is once again imperative to advise users of Facebook to be aware of these actions and make all efforts to avoid communication in any form with this FAKE page.

At this juncture, it is essential to note that the Guyana Police Force does not and has never used its page to communicate with persons who are available at any given time for questioning and has not changed this policy.

The GPF also urges all Facebook users to click on the following link and report the page as we continue our investigation to ascertain the author/authors behind the account with the intent of prosecuting him/her or them to the full extent of the Law.

In closing the Guyana Police Force wishes to assure the citizenry that it remains committed to the objects of the Force as set out in Section 3 (2) of Chapter 16:01 of the Laws of Guyana which reads as follows:

The Force shall be employed for:
1. The prevention and detection of crime.
2. The preservation of law and order.
3.The preservation of peace.
4. The repression of internal disturbances.
5. The protection of property.
6. The apprehention of offenders.
7. The due enforcement of all laws and regulations