Public Service salary increase: Jagdeo slams Govt for ‘attempting to fool the masses’


Government’s proposed salary increase to public workers is really not the 10 per cent it is selling to the public, but four per cent less.

Former President and now Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo said recently that Government was attempting to fool the masses with its proposal.

“The actual increase is not 10 per cent; they want the 10 per cent to be stuck in people’s head – it is just over six per cent. So, it is totally unacceptable,” Jagdeo said.

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jgdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jgdeo

He said what made the situation even more “egregious” was the fact it was the same people who took the huge increase for themselves of 50 to over 100 per cent using two explanations: they took the increases to avoid being corrupt and to make themselves more efficient.

“Now if you’re saying that a Minister’s salary has to move from $580,000 to close to $1 million to make him less corrupt, what you are saying to the public servants who are taking home about $100,000 per month is that you can steal until you get to a million dollars a month or not be efficient, because that is the reasoning they use for the Ministers…What we find is a lot of confusion and hypocrisy on the part of this government,” Jagdeo blasted.

Government and the GPSU are still at a standstill on salary increase negotiations. While Government maintains that it will not budge from its 10 per cent offer, the GPSU has been holding out and has even suggested that the two parties meet again for more talks. President David Granger has, however, said that there was nothing more that could be offered at this time.







  1. Jagdeo should NOT even talk about raising the public servants salary.For several years,his PPP government unilaterally gave them 5 % in every December,retroactive from January the SAME YEARS.Let him DISPUTE THAT FACT.The HYPOCRITE HE IS,HE CANNOT AND WILL NOT FOOL MOST PEOPLE.He deliberately SHUT the trade union DOWN.AS To you PUPPET philip,you`re so DUMB,you will never ever learn,you seem to be a paid servant.This is what Inews love to see.How I type my comment,please leave it so.I don`t need your corrections.

  2. I am calling for the citizens to take back the 50% increase from these crooked,incompetent ministers of this failed APNU government.


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