Public scrutiny period for amended parking meter by-laws extended- King

Georgetown Town Clerk, Royston King

The stipulated 14-day public scrutiny period for the amended parking meter by-laws in Georgetown has been extended by an additional 14 days, expiring on May 8.

Georgetown Town Clerk, Royston King

This is according to Town Clerk of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) Royston King who said that the last 14 days came to an end to April 19.

King made the disclosure at Monday’s statutory meeting of the Council. The Town Clerk told the Councillors that they received a number of written comments as it relates to the amended by-laws hence the suggestion to have the public scrutiny deadline extended.

Currently, the amended by-laws are posted at the Agricola Post Office, General Post Office, East Ruimveldt Market, Albouystown Market, Bourda Market, Stabroek Market, Festival City Clinic, the Mayor’s Office, the Offices of the Town Clerk and Chief Constable, the City Treasurer’s Department and the Dorothy Bailey Health Centre.

The current set of amended by-laws was approved at an Extraordinary Statutory Meeting on April 4.

After the by-laws have undergone their round of public scrutiny, the written comments along with the by-laws will be forwarded to Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan for his approval and then be published in the official gazette.

The project was initially rolled out in late January 2017. However, citizens rejected the paid parking system and staged numerous protests in front of City Hall calling for the initiative to be revoked, since its fees were considered too burdensome.

Moreover, the clandestine and unilateral way in which the contract was awarded to the contractor (Smart City Solutions Inc.) only fueled its rejection more.

The project was then suspended by Central Government shortly after for the contract and its by-laws to be revised.

Following re-negotiation, SCSI and the M&CC reached a new agreement that will now see persons paying $150 per hour and $800 for eight hours of parking in the city.

Among other conditions, the new by-laws provide for residents of the city to be issued with a restricted residential pass for free parking from 17:00-19:00hrs Monday to Friday while parking will be free on Saturdays.

The Committee’s report noted that during the re-negotiations, the subject of share profit and contractual obligations were discussed and it was agreed to have it remain the same being the 20/80 M&CC-SCSI for a period of 20 years. It was also disclosed that in the event of arbitration, the proceedings would be held in Miami, despite the jurisdiction being Guyana.




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