Public Officials reminded of August 31 deadline for submission of declarations

Integrity Commission

The Integrity Commission has called for public officials to make their submission of declarations early, given that the entity had called out over 700 officials, including President David Granger, who failed to make their declarations during the first half of the year.

In a notice published in the daily newspapers, the commission informed that Public Officials have until August 31, 2019 to make their submissions in compliance with the Integrity Commission Act.

The notice stated, “All specified Public Officers are kindly asked to take note that Declarations of their Assets and Liabilities include those for themselves, spouse and children. You are also reminded to attach their supporting documents to their declaration forms”.

According to the Commission, these may include a copy of income statement (s) from employer (s) for the declaration period which may comprise of salary statements, pay slips, employment contract (s) and other documents. Copy of rental agreement (s), copy of transport (s), Certificate of Title (s)/ Lease (s) will also be necessary.

Back in May, the Commission had flagged some 716 public officials for failing to make their declarations having breached the stipulated deadline of May 20, 2019.

In addition to the President, reports also surfaced that some Cabinet members were also lagging behind with regards to their submissions. But President Granger assured that there is a commitment by all Cabinet members to comply. As of now, he displayed concerns over this matter but could not account for the tardiness on the part of these Ministers.

Under the law, any public officer who fails to comply with the Commission is liable upon summary conviction, to a fine of G$25,000 and imprisonment for a period of not less than six months or more than one year.