Public confidence in Govt has eroded – MP Collin Croal


“Having listened to the debates over the past three days, the comments through the social media as well as the members of the public, we have no doubt in concluding that the confidence that some members of the population placed in this Government has eroded…” said Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Collin Croal last night during his 2016 Budget debate presentation.

Opposition MP, Colin Croal
Opposition MP, Colin Croal

Croal, who is a former Permanent Secretary at the Local Government Ministry (now the Ministry of Communities) lashed out at the APNU+AFC’s senior Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan for failing to practice what he had preached during the 2015 budget debates about empowerment of the regional authorities in Guyana.

“I can say with confidence that the Guyanese population is disappointed and are becoming impatient with what they have seen as a result of the birth of the Coalition…last year I mentioned about the need for the Regional Chairmen, Regional Vice Chairmen to be sworn in as Justices of the Peace (JPs)…a number of articles written about this matter and to date the Minister has not answered to the population or made any comment as to why our Regional Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons have not been sworn in as JPs,” Croal contended.

He argued that the swearing in of these regional authorities has ‘been the norm’ and is in accordance with the Local Democratic Organ Act 12 of 1980. However, the Communities Minister in not swearing them in to the post of JPs has prevented them from performing their roles as part of their civic duty within their regions, the Opposition MP declared.

“Yet we speak of empowerment…Mr speaker, respect for the Regions, especially those that are controlled by the PPP/C must first start at the Cabinet level…we have observed a trend whereby Ministers are going into the respective Regions on Government business and not formally informing the Regional Democratic Councils, while in some cases the Regional Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons are notified through the local coalition political activists, this is eye-pass,” he posited.

Croal pointed out that the Opposition Party can and will never get tired of reminding the Government that it needs to stop operating as if it is still in “campaign mode and start acting like a responsible Government for all of the people.”



  1. Komal Chand slams Govt for being “downright discriminatory” against sugar workers..
    If the public was mad at the PNC installed government they would have taken to the road already to show PNC and the U.S. “people power”. Unfortunately, the people are showing they love what this PNC regime is doing to them.
    Did PNC not take away their school children $10,000 cash assistance from poor parents?
    Did the PNC not take the electricity and water perks from the old people?
    Did the PNC not double their salaries, pensions and perks since massa installed them to rule?
    No one really care about those three people who lost their lives due to PNC working hand in hand with their GDF buddies in chasing down Guyanese citizens whom are innocent?
    How many working class people PNC fired already and replaced it with their cronies and hacks?
    Guyanese are that blind, deaf and dumb to know Guyana was sold to the likes of Rumjhaat and Co with their rich buddies? Badall and Mooklall them rule the roost..
    The Afros in PNC have nothing to do with nothing..It’s the East Indians who sold out East Indian cane cutters..
    PNC already resigned to the fact that PNC can’t not win elections in Guyana without the blessings of Massa…
    Massa then called a huddle with the prominent East Indians and whisper to them to join PNC to make it appear an ethnic unity political party..Massa and GECOM went to work to hand PNC victory..Naggamooklall and Rumjaatmooklall and Ropenarinemooklall them only brought in about 3 to 4% of all votes cast..

  2. Bravo Colin!! You are absolutely, 100% correct. Guyanese are fed-up with this regime. They lied so much since they took over power. They are not for the people but are against them.


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