Public assistance for life for persons with permanent disabilities, HIV & cancer

Human Services Minister Dr Vindhya Persaud

Minister of Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud has announced that persons living with permanent disabilities, HIV, cancer or any other lifelong, incurable or untreatable diseases will benefit from public assistance for life.

“All persons, all, living with a permanent disability will be able to access public assistance without any need to qualify, any needs test, it’s all automatic access to public assistance,” Dr Persaud said.

“And secondly, that public assistance will be provided to them for the rest of their lives, they do not need to be subjected to any other medical, or any other tests going forward…This takes immediate effect right across the country and it will include persons who are living HIV and those who have cancer,” she added.

It was also indicated that this initiative will benefit any other individual who is suffering from any lifelong, incurable or untreatable illness.

Only recently, President Dr Irfaan Ali had announced that every child living with a disability will benefit from a one-off grant of $100,000.

It was also recently announced that First Lady Arya Ali was able to raise just over $13 million to commence the establishment of a business centre for persons with disabilities.