PSC wants elections date; disappointed with rejection of proposal

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.
Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud.

[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) says the announcement of elections in the early part of 2015 by President Donald Ramotar has removed some of the uncertainties regarding the prorogation period; however the Body says it would have been “happier” with a specific date.

On Saturday, December 06, the Head of State said he will confirm a date for those elections very early in 2015; explaining that it was in a bid not to disrupt the Christmas spirit.

The President reasoned that the objectives of the prorogation are lost with the Opposition refusing to engage the Executive in dialogue.

Meanwhile, the PSC says it is disappointed in the lack of interest exuded by politicians following its proposal to dialogue in the interest of the nation.

The PSC had provided a solution to end the political gridlock between the Opposition and government; a solution which was rejected by the Opposition.

“The commitment by all political parties to prematurely end the life of the 10th Parliament by having early elections is not a positive move in achieving the inclusionary democracy envisioned in our Constitution.”  

According to the PSC, elections are not the totality of democracy.

“We would like to see our leaders engaging each other in a spirit of negotiation and compromise for the benefit of the people they serve. We hope that these principles will be espoused in the 11th Parliament,” the PSC said in a statement.

The PSC’s proposal was sent to President Donald Ramotar, Leader of A Partnership for National Unity, David Granger and Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan.



  1. U all will soon get what PNC tell yall to want…u want an election date? its coming in the new year message to the nation by the ramotar man..
    u dont want an election date now so that pnc can start marching like crab up and down down and up backward and forward forward and backward then from side to side to disrupt the guyanese people pepperpot on christman morning.
    anything psc want its coming real soon
    anything pncapnucrapnuafcacdaredthreadbluecaps want they will soon get.
    oh…those are some on the pnc mouths


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