PSC supports Automatic Ballot Scan and Tabulation Voting System


[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) says it completely supports moves to introduce an Automatic Ballot Scan and Tabulation Voting System for use in both local and national elections in Guyana.

According to a press release from the Commission, the PSC met on January 30 with the Canadian High Commission to Guyana, Dr. Nicole Giles and the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr. Steve Surujbally where they were briefed on the potential of an Automatic Ballot Scan and Tabulation Voting System.

The use of such a system could enhance the accuracy of vote counts and speed up the delivery of election results.

The Commission says it was heartened by the information presented, and looks forward to the results of a preliminary assessment of the system by GECOM, should the proposed project find acceptance from key stakeholders.

The Canadian High Commissioner also pointed out that approximately 60 paper-based, automatic ballot scan and tabulation machines would be donated to Guyana by the DELIAN project, an independent non-profit organisation registered in Canada and the USA.

Each machine handles in excess of 1,000 votes per day.  These systems, while speeding up the tabulation process, also provide for paper ballots which could be manually tabulated in the event of the need for a recount.

The Private Sector Commission is of the view that such systems could be of great value to Guyana where the current methods associated with the tabulation and the transmission of votes tend to impede the official declaration of results.



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