PS Shariff saga: Billion-dollar blooper or malice?


Explosive details are emerging to validate the claim made by our usually reliable source who had disclosed previously that much of the information published by one of the dailies and being circulated is likely misleading and likely erroneous.

The source had also charged that whether it was deliberately misleading or not does not alter the fact that the figures published are distorted and incomprehensible.

INews has seen a copy of the balances held at Citizen Bank Limited and it amounts to G$2m.

Omar Shariff
Omar Shariff

The source explained that it is logical that if a deposit of G$1,000 is made into an account and a withdrawal of G$1 then the balance remaining in that account should be G$999. If the Bank reports a balance of G$10 then there are fundamental questions that arise.

In this instance, the ‘document’ purporting to list the PS’s assets show that over a period of time the total deposits into his Citizen Bank Account was a sum of G$1,744,273,313 (G$1.744B) and that the total withdrawals from this account was G$173,041,336 (G$173M). This would mean that there should be a balance of G$1,571,231,977 or G$1.5 billion. Instead the account has only G$2 which could only imply that there has been a tragic error or a gross misrepresentation.

This would now seem to lend credence to the statement by PS Shariff where he condemned “a series of vile, sensationalist, untrue, propagandistic and, in substantial and material respects, misleading news reports carried by sections of the electronic, broadcast and print media.”

The PS had also said that “I am unable to discern from where the publications have concluded that I was holding billions of dollars in my accounts; this is simply not true.”

It also bring to the fore his claim that there may be a person or persons at a high level of the investigation who may be pursuing an obvious agenda against him- in his words, “The fact that selected media houses continue to publish detailed information which they purport to be true (but which is materially and substantially false) about my alleged assets, accounts and their contents, is indicative that one or more persons at a high level of the investigation is not only leaking information but is pursuing an obvious agenda against me by seeking to try me in public, impugn my integrity and reduce my standing as a professional.”




  1. It is obvious that the current regime is using the media to distort and destroy the credibility of hard working decent Indo Guyanese. If this is not a dictarship regime in the makings I do not know what else to call it. Democracy in Guyana is no longer in existence. It starts from the President all the way down to the street goon squads that APNU AFC hired to return Guyana to a racially divided undemocratic Country.

    Here we have Mr. Sharif case as good example where the same squads that were put in place by the Granger administration is being used to leak inaccurate and misleading information to basically incriminate a decent Guyanese citizen.

    I call on the ABC countries to take note of what is going on in Guyana at present and not allow the APNU AFC regime to take Guyana back to dark days of the Burnham era where Guyanese literally had to run from their country. I also want to encourage My fellow Guyanese not to be sitting ducks and allow the APNU AFC regime to ruin their country – stand up and speak out for your rights and for your country.


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