Protestor facing possible charges for using toilet at AG’s Chambers

Courtney Crum – Ewing during one of his many protests.

Protest against AG[] – Forty – year – old Courtney Crum – Ewing was held for questioning yesterday, Friday December 05 at the Brickdam Police Station for using the washroom in the compound of the Attorney General (AG) and Legal Affairs Minister.

The former soldier has been protesting in front the AG’s Chambers following the revelation of a taped telephone conversation between Minister Anil Nandlall and Kaieteur News’ Reporter, Leonard Gildarie.

In the recording, the Minister is heard soliciting sexual favours of a female journalist at the newspaper on behalf of one of his relatives and also spoke about gunmen attacking the newspaper if it continues with its line of reporting.

Crum – Ewing told the media yesterday that he is in the habit of using the washroom with the permission of the staff.

“I identified myself and ask their permission to use the bathroom, they said to me fine, take your pick; there’s a male, there’s a female, choose one. I chose the gents, the male’ bathroom, went in there, spent two minutes and left it the way I met it.

“As I exited the bathroom…I noticed the said security guard standing outside the main entrance speaking to two folks in the reception area, but then I got out and realized she was talking about me,” the man explained.

Courtney Crum – Ewing
Courtney Crum – Ewing

He further noted that he was then asked yesterday to visit the Brickdam Police Station to give a statement about using the toilet. He was then asked to return to the Police Station on Monday, December 08.

“The police feel comfortable in this country for harassing me for using a toilet. And they can’t even ask Anil Nandlall to visit the station to be question, just to be question…this is not a civilized country.”

Crum – Ewing plans to continue his protest action in front the AG’s Chambers but will be using a different toilet this time around.


  1. like this fellow aint get nothing to do? why he got to “protest” in front of de people place and then go in and stink up deh washroom? de police should check carefully to see if he didn’t plant some secret video-recorder or secret time bomb in de place.

  2. Its a crying shame to read the bull shit that the brains of the PPP post ,,Jai Guyana is in PARK,,because stupid ppl like you are going BACK,,you praise a government that has failed to protect its own ,,and please dont let me mention all the cases,,you are bright enough to see them everyday in the hated newspaper,the PNC under Burnham was not the answer for Guyindia,,so Hoyte came and gave you all indians back what Guyindia was short of,,,Then HIP HIP,,,coliee Ray,,PPP true the United States,,made the worst choice, Guyindia became the land of LAWLESS ppl,,As long as the ppl in office are criminals,,,just to mention a few,,the spy laptop,,who was it bought for,, and by who,,A MINISTER,,,who had it ,,,not the police,,a criminal,,tell us why we bought a well used water cannon that never work for 36cents,,it failed to work till now,,and why was it never used on the cane cutters and the ppl that burn and destroy property ,,,Guyindia is never going to go into DRIVE for a very long time.

  3. The AG is the rite man for the job, he has proven to be a legal emperor,
    On every occasion he out wit all the lawyers in AFC and APNU,
    Go listen to Felix and Williams recordings? Do really the should have been in parliament and a practitioners of law still?

  4. The former soldier should not be trusted! That security guard should be placed under investigation. Is this former soldier a PNC ? What does this former soldier knows about bomb ? Is this former soldier related to Immanuel Fairbane, called Batson ?
    Was this former soldier trained by the PNC bomber, “Chipple Graham, or Granger, and Harmon ? Was the washroom, and surrounding area searched by the bomb squad? Can anyone remember how the PNC bomber, bomb Rio cinema? Why did they bombed Gimpex Building at Brickdam? Can we trust the PNC? Did we forget how they bomb Freedom House at 41 Robb Street, Georgetown ?
    Why did those terrorist bomb the property at lot 37 cross street mc doom village, E.B.D. ? Alexander&Charlotte streets, and many more was bombed.
    The terrorists always want to wipe us out. Terrorists tried to wipe us out when all the PPP/C brains gather in Corentyne Rose Hall, They went there with boat by sea, they manage to take a few lives, But God always knows how to protect his predestined. May God continue to watch over us.


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