Protesters mourn ‘death of the city’ in latest rally against paid parking


The “water street mourners” have now become the “undertakers” as they held the spotlight of the Parking Meter protest in front of City Hall for a sixth demonstration.

The ‘mourners’ were clad in black and walked around on Regent Street holding replicas of a parking meter tombstone, a coffin and City Hall, while melodramatically wailing and mourning  that “the city has died.”

While the turnout was yet another massive one, a smaller amount of persons were this round holding placards. However, the cry for the parking meter contract to be revoked remained the same.

Protesters called on the President to “be like David in the bible” and save them from the burden of parking meters.

“I would like to ask President David Granger to be like David in the bible and free the people of Guyana from this oppression. When David Granger took his oath and he made his speech, he promised to free Guyanese people from oppression. He said this is the day that the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad. We want to be glad, as you can see, we are not glad, we’re crying, this is too burdensome, we cannot afford it,” one of the protesters identified only as “Tiffany” said.

In addition, she pleaded with the President to listen to citizens. “We are the ones who voted for you, we put you in power, now you have to listen to us. Please intervene and free us from this oppression.”

As the dramatics continued, the “undertakers” laid the replicas on the ground and began to reenact a scene from a funeral. Perfume was being sprayed around the symbolic coffin which held markings identifying it as “SCS Contract” and “By-laws” and flowers were thrown around the tombstone shaped as a parking meter.

Even as it began to rain, protesters lingered in their numbers and persons were heard shouting “even God is crying! Revoke the parking meter contract!”

The Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green and Town Clerk, Royston King were nowhere in sight, but APNU Councillor, Junior Garrett was heard telling protesters to “speak to the court” when they requested comments from him.

The protest is expected to continue next week, because protesters are contending that the Government “will have to budge.” (Ramona Luthi)

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  1. If this was part of the float parade on Mash day I bet you that it would have won the best float.


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