Protest action looms over ban on used tyres


…as GUTA says it will affect jobs, revenue, increase costs

With government’s April 1, deadline approaching for the ban of all used tyres, members of the Guyana Used Tyre Association (GUTA) met with media operatives yesterday at the Georgetown Club to address their concerns with this new measure.

According to the Association a protest against the initiative has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 28, 2017.

GTUA Public Relations Coordinator, Nizam Hussain, outlined  several reasons why used tyres should not be banned in Guyana, including the fact that other countries around the world have the option to use “used” or “new” tyres.

Some other reasons were that, “presently there is no minimum requirement for a tyre in law, in Guyana,” the “cost of new tyres will increase the cost for public transportation,” and while there are exemption’s against truck tyres and agricultural machinery tyres, non exists for cars and SUVs, among others.

The Association posited that the revenues generated by ‘good used tyres’ are in excess of GYD$100M annually, but with the ban in effect that figure would be halved.

Moreover, members of the GTUA asserted that the ‘used tyre industry’ allows employment for about 5000 young people across the country.

Referring to the recently suspended parking meter project, media operatives were told that once again no countrywide consultation was done on this policy.

Instead of banning used tyres in general the Association suggested that the Bureau of Standards should be equipped with new technology to differentiate between ‘good used tyres’ and ‘substandard new tyres’ in the market.”

They maintained that if the policy to ban used tyres is implemented, there will be a significant increase in ‘wear tyre use’ on the roads due to the high cost of new tyres. This, they believe, will inevitably lead to more accidents on the road.

During the National Budget 2016 presentation, Finance Minister Winston Jordan announced Government’s intention to ban the importation of used tyres, in a noted effort to promote the “green economy” and protect the environment.

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo had commented on this measure, noting that the banning of used tyres will significantly put hundreds of poor Guyanese at a disadvantage, as well as force many businesses out of operation.  (Ramona Luthi)


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