Prostitution, sexual offences, traffic violations among issues facing Region 9

Commander Raphael Rose

Commander for Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Essequibo) Raphael Rose says there are a number of issues affecting his district ranging from prostitution, arson, traffic violations as well as sexual offences is seeing an increase this year.

He made the disclosure last evening during this week’s edition of “Police and You”.

For the year so far, the Commander said there has been a decrease in simple arson and break and entry, but there are increases in other areas of crime.

“Other than serious larceny they have been an increase in not really serious crimes but sexual offences comparing he period last year, this year there was ten reported causes and last year there was 6 reported cases,” Commander Rose stated.

He explained that sexual offences are mainly committed by family members, and as such, he stated that he and his ranks intend to sensitise persons in the villages about these types of crime.

“If it is the police role to sensitisation? Yes, because we are welfare officers at some stage and if we can avoid these offences to occur then yes, we have that role,” the Commander stated.

He explained that they have started working closely with the Welfare and Child Care Protection to curb this issue.

“So, we need more, like the child protection agency more equipped in terms of transportation and areas where they can house victims that have been affected because in most cases the victim has to remain in the same house with the father other than if the police steps in,” the Commander stated.

He also noted that contrary to popular belief, the region faces its fair share of traffic violations.

“What we would’ve observed is they are riding the Brazilian number plate motorcycles and we start doing some sensitisation along with going to the villages to let them understand that riding those motorcycles in Lethem and they would’ve been involved in an accident then they have no compensation because it doesn’t register in Guyana,” the Commander explained.

Meanwhile, while he did not get into much details, the Commander revealed that there are several reports of prostitution in the region and that these are being addressed.