“Prorogation is a dangerous gambit”– Opposition warns



By Kurt Campbell

Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the Opposition, David Granger says the President’s threat to prorogue or dissolve Parliament is a constitutional outrage and a cowardly attempt to avoid the debate on the performance of his cabinet and his presidency.

According to Granger, while President Donald Ramotar has the constitutional right to do either of the two, it is not a democratic solution to political problems; explaining that the Parliament is intended to be a place for discussion, debate, decision-making and the passage of laws.

“Prorogation is a dangerous gambit intended to paralyze the parliamentary process but can have that can have unpredictable consequences,” Granger told reporters this morning.

Granger believes the President should face the debate on the PPP/C’s record in office rather than hide under the cover of prorogation.

“The President has obstructed the reconvening of Parliament for one month from 10th October to 10th November. He infringed on the Speaker’s authority and intruded officiously into the affairs of the Legislative branch,” Granger said.

He regarded the President’s address to the nation recently as “dreadful”; saying it aggravated the continuing constitutional crisis.

“It drained whatever confidence the public might have had in the People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s committment to the democratic resolution of political issues. It shattered hopes that he could ever lead the nation forward out of the one-party, ‘winner-takes-all’ mentality of his predecessors.”

Granger says his Party will not accept continued non-compliance with the Constitution especially with regard to the compulsory conduct of local government elections; the disregard for the integrity and independence of the National Assembly and allow itself intimidated by the PPP/C’s “domineering and dictatorial behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who is the head of the government side in the House, says “the president has spoken”; cautioning the Opposition that there are options to defuse the current situation.

Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds
Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds

During a telephone interview in response Granger, the Prime Minister said he has been reading some articles that deals with the prorogation of Parliament around the world and asserted that President Ramotar is well within his constitutional right and believe the move may be necessary.

“It is no threat to Parliament… the Opposition has a right to their opinion,” he told iNews.

Meanwhile, the PM refused to disclose what the government strategy is for the Sitting on Monday. He would only say that “the President has spoken.”





  1. Marvin it seem like most of the ppl in Guyana are so fed up whit them all both the PPP, the PNC, APNU and AFC is all the same PNC in another set of clothes, LFSB,did the gods to us as a ppl, Hoyte came and we got some change, and them we all got what most wish for, the PPP under the great and true son of the soil, CHEDDI JAGAN. All Guyana was happy, smiles were on most of us face, it was a very SAD day when he passed away, his funeral can be the judge of how many love him, we all did, Guyana went on the worst track after his passing with the act done by J Jagan throwing the court order over her shoulder was the first excuse for the opposition to go on the law breaking spree. We had hell from then to now, any Guyanese who lived under LFSB will hate the PNC, I am in favor of a change but we all can see a very weak opposition they failed in many ways to take proper action on many matters, only the next election can judge how smart our ppl are
    Its a crying shame to see the state of the of such a beautiful country ripped off by Chinese, Brazil,and who more, we all need to see a change

  2. Emile I see you stink up SN with your blogs..U blog on Dem Wave with your stench..U blog here trying to stink it up..Man Oh Man thats all PNC pay you to do?

  3. car:there have only been two presidents -for-life in the western world in recorded history–linden forbes Sampson burnham o.e and papa doc Duvalier-both of them African racists to the bone. it seems as if you are looking at things with a cock-eye,car.

  4. The PPP deserves a no-confidence vote from Parliament on Monday, following the no-confidence vote the party received November 28, 2011, but if the President makes good on his threat to shut down Parliament on or after Monday, then it becomes a test for the combined opposition to call for a shut down of the entire country to show the government that the majority of the people are siding with the opposition. If the combined opposition cannot get the majority of the country to answer its call, then the opposition has not only failed to stop the PPP, but it has failed to galvanize the people on the most serious issues facing the nation: a corrupt, lawless, vindictive and uncaring government.

  5. no one has the right to use God name in vain! not even you car!!! further more for your information a president can only run for two term. that means Donald Ramotar will be president one more term that is until 2020. the next president may be A. Singh.

  6. Graingur u cry all u want…when u trampled on the court rulings and country constitution is the most dangerous gambit..when u illegally take to the streets to protest and march proceeded to beat rob sexually molest burn loot is a dangerous gambit..trying to get power through the back door trap door side door slide door is a dangerous gambit..U want to rule…then win it at the polls in free fair transparent no violent intimidation free election..

  7. Again, it is clear that Ramotar has all intention of remaining President For Life. May God have Mercy on the citizens of Guyana.


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