Prompt response saves Better Hope house from total destruction by fire


Prompt response from public-spirited citizens and the Guyana Fire Service last evening resulted in a house at Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) being saved from total destruction by fire.

Owner of the property in question, Charran Sahadeo and his family, were awakened at the sight of fire and black smoke through the bedroom window. The incident occurred at around 20:20hrs on Sunday.

An adjoining structure, which his brother resided in, was also engulfed in smoke.

They all exited the house and formed a bucket brigade. The Fire Service later arrived on the scene and doused the fire.

Sahadeo told this publication that his house suffered some damages. It is believed that his brother lit a kerosene lamp, but it exploded and cause the fire to spread.

“I came back around seven clock time, I got a brother he does normally stay in a little shack just below this main house and apparently like he lit some lamp, and like the thing exploded.”

He stated that his brother, who has been living with him over 40 years, shouted for him when the fire started.

“He shouted for me but I didn’t hear he and by the time we came the whole thing burn down and almost burn down we house as well,” Sahadio said.

An investigation is ongoing.