Probe ordered into ‘unreported’ nightclub shootout


Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has reportedly ordered a full investigation into the alleged shootout at a Main Street, Georgetown nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The shooting reportedly left several persons hospitalised, but unfortunately the incident was not reported to the Police.

Reports are that after the shootout, the management of the facility allegedly rushed the injured people to a private city hospital where a few of them were treated and sent away, but at least two remained patients at the medical facility.

However, the staff at the night spot were reportedly ordered to collect the spent shells and more so, wipe the floor clean of the bloodstains with the intention of leaving no trace of the shooting incident. The matter was brought to light after one of the injured men contacted Police on Sunday afternoon.

He reportedly told the Police that persons were in the nightclub when the sound of gunshots was heard. Several persons were grazed as the bullets went by, but luckily no one was seriously injured, he told ranks. He said that at least two people received gunshot injuries to their feet.

After receiving the report, Police went to the location but found neither any spent shells nor bloodstains. However, they came across bullet holes in the walls, which were enough evidence to prove that there was a shooting. The manager and other staff were taken into Police custody as they continue their investigations.

Meanwhile, Minister Ramjattan told media operatives that the shooting incident happened and the entity could have its licence revoked with immediate effect. Up to late yesterday afternoon, the building was still cordoned off, as Police continued their investigations. INews will try to contact Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum for a comment.


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