Probe of underage pregnancies in Region One still ongoing


Investigations are yet to be concluded into the matter where two young girls from Region One (Barima/Waini) have been added to the list of underage pregnancies with one female already giving birth.
INews understands that the relevant authorities in Region One are awaiting information from the Region’s Health Officer as to how the present condition of the young females are, the details surrounding their pregnancies and the way in which the matters should be dealt with.

Vice Chair of Region One, Sarah Brown, stated that the Regional Democratic Council remains steadfast in its fight against teenage pregnancies in that area and with this in mind the necessary course of action will be taken in these latest cases of underage pregnancies.
Brown said that at this point in time the RDC and other stakeholders who are interested in dealing with such situations are awaiting word from their Regional Health Officer (RHO) as to the way forward.
At present, the two girls have not been returned to their hometown and are under the care of the Social Protection Ministry, Brown added.
The duo were transported to Georgetown after Social and Health workers in their Region intervened.



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