Private Sector proposes solution to Parliamentary impasse


Government Members of Parliament stand in solidarity with Priya Manickchand[] – The Private Sector Commission (PSC) after consulting with various Civil Society organizations such as representatives of Labour and Religion has proposed a solution to Guyana’s current parliamentary impasse.

The proposal was sent to President Donald Ramotar, Leader of A Partnership for National Unity, David Granger and Leader of the Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan.

According to the PSC, there is still room for the life of the 10th Parliament to be preserved once the prorogation comes to an end and the no confidence motion is stayed to make room for a meaningful attempt to dialogue on the important issues that will persist even after elections are held.

The proposal by the PSC is below:


The Private Sector Commission after consulting with various Civil Society organizations such as representatives of Labour and Religion is pleased to propose the following as a solution to our current parliamentary impasse:

  1. Guyana our beloved country, a land with a people of diverse culture and bestowed with many natural resources, continues to encounter challenges in its path to development as the governance architecture is not effective in equitably meeting the needs of all stakeholders
  2. Article 13 of the Constitution of Guyana states that: The principal objective of the political system of the state is to establish an inclusionary democracy by providing increasing opportunities for the participation of citizens, and their organizations in the management and decision making processes of the state, with particular emphasis on those areas of decision making that directly affect their wellbeing.
  3. The 10th Parliament, elected in a free and fair general elections on November 28, 2011, is the first since our independence to be constituted as one where the opposition parties occupy the majority and the Government sits in minority. It must be accepted by all that this is the mandate given by the electorate. This created an opportunity for the needs of both minority and majority stakeholders to be adequately represented and solutions negotiated for the benefit of all the citizens of Guyana. On the contrary, the opportunity is being squandered by standoffs and deadlocks to the detriment of all stakeholders.
  4. We share the view that there is still room for the life of the 10th Parliament to be preserved once the prorogation comes to an end and the no confidence motion is stayed to make room for a meaningful attempt to dialogue on the important issues that will persist even after elections are held.
  5. Consultations with political parties have revealed that they are willing to engage in dialogue but the Opposition parties will only agree to participate in dialogue if Parliament is reconvened.
  6. It is our recommendation that the President considers bringing an end to the prorogation as soon as is practical but no later than December 31, 2014.
  7. We also recommend that the political parties agree to a moratorium of one month after the end of prorogation to facilitate such dialogue before any consideration is given to the dissolution of Parliament or the passing of the no confidence motion. Such a commitment can be made by signing the attached declaration in Appendix 1.
  8. We further requests that our representatives of Civil Society be included as observers to any dialogue process agreed upon so that we could be kept meaningfully informed as to the agreements and commitments by all parties in pursuing the interests of those they represent and hold each accountable for the delivery of results.
  9. In the interest of time and as a show of good faith on all sides during the one month period of moratorium we propose the following agenda for talks within that period:
  10. The composition and implementation of all outstanding commissions required by the Constitution.
  11. Agreement on a date for Local Government Elections some time before the life of the 10th Parliament comes to an end.
  12. Mechanism by which the bills not receiving assent can be resolved.
  13. Mechanism for approval of 2014 supplementary financial papers and statements of excess.
  14. An inclusionary mechanism for budget talks of 2015 and 2016. This could be a meaningful start on forming a longer term agreement on Guyana’s Economic Development Agenda.

The above may be sufficient to salvage the life of the 10th Parliament where previous items on the Parliamentary agenda can be resuscitated including the Anti-Money Laundering Bill, the Telecommunications Bill, the Education Bills etc.

Looking forward to your response on these recommendations.

Yours Faithfully,

Ramesh Persaud





Made on December __, 2014

We the representatives of the Parliamentary Political Parties hereby agree to the following:

  1. That the prorogation of Parliament will be ended and the work of the National Assembly be reconvened no later than December 31, 2014.
  2. That a moratorium of one month commencing from January 01, 2015 and ending on January 31, 2015 will be taken to give room for dialogue to be attempted before consideration is given to the dissolution of Parliament or the motion on confidence.
  3. Representatives of Civil Society will be allowed to observe the dialogue process in full once commenced during this period.

Agreed to by:


H.E. Donald Ramotar



Brig.(rtd) David Granger

Leader of the Opposition


Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan

Leader – Alliance for Change

In the Presence of:

_____________________ _________________ ___________

Private Sector Labour Religion



  1. what is intellectual about what he has said. He has just piggy back on what some bloggers were saying all alone. The PSC only care about their money the PPP/C could steal all the people’s money and they would not say anything what gives them the right to talk now. Go to hell PSC and take the PPP/C with you.

  2. Great Minds, Real Thinkers, Very Educated, and Intelligent Men, You Mr. Visham Budhoo, mr. George Ramadhin, mr. Gray, and mr. Mohansingh, When I hear from constructive people like yourselves, makes me want to continue to press forward. With one voice we will continue to shout “FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER”
    I am proud to say I support the Government, in Growth and development. I have no regret being an Indian. If i was born in Israel, then I would be proud to say I’m a Jew.
    Unlike those Godless haters, Here is a element that goes by the name Andrew, whose morale is lower than the belly of a snake. Telling people that “Guyanese are brain dead” the devil also state that the “Indian girl have every other man, except Indian man, they have phantom man, drugs man” and so on. Observing that wicked element attacking our mother, wives, and daughters like that makes me ask these questions, Andrew are you Batson, the terrorist bomber? Were you one of them that murder the Jaikarans? Are you one of them that were raping the Indian women, chopping and shooting the men to death, and bombing properties that was owned by Indian, during the first phase of mass Ethnic killing(murder) at Wismar?
    In your arrogance/ignorance you asked us to name one thing that the PPP Government did for us, out of the first 104 that came to mind , I give you 4 namely

  3. I am almost certain that the strategy and tactic used by the combined oppositions has already embedded in the minds of majority of our people; this attitude of mimicry has become so pervasive that the young unaware are becoming more educated about the imprudent, racial and absurd character of the opposition.

    The mission of the combined opposition is profoundly self-interest with no regard for progression, they lack the necessary vision and try to capitalize by being obtrusive to every wise initiative put forward by the PPP/C government. They continue to vitiate these initiatives, and Guyanese are coming to their senses and has recognized their approach as an ineptness and lack of a vision on they part.

    The opposition need to understand that they are not new to the screen, they are the same with the same mentality resulting in many being suffered during their rule…the country was in the worse state ever…and people are fully aware and don’t wish to go down that road again, and the issue of infallibility of the combined opposition has become a concern for all Guyanese.

  4. The private sector must be commended for this effort, after all they have the most to loose if this stalemate continues. I am not hopeful that anything will come out of this. The opposition position seems “non-negotiable” for reasons all Guyanese are aware of. They want to show the world that they can bring down the government with their one seat majority. Ramotar and PPP sleuths are way ahead of these power seekers and frauds. Ramotar is long convinced the opposition will not talk but that will not prevent him from playing all the cards available to him, which includes a call for talks. Every time they (the opposition) refuse this call it is more votes for the PPP. The late Desmond Hoyte once reminded the PPP it was his prerogative to call elections. It is the President’s prerogative to dissolve parliament and call elections. Ramjattan and Nagamootoo can then take their no-confidence motion and shove it. By now these two guys should stop worrying about prorogation and start thinking about purgation, they both need it. Anyone who saw Nagamootoo on the stage recently shouting about “joining forces with anyone to bring down the government”, know where this guy is heading. He (Nagamootoo) is heading straight to the political rubbish heap. What a sad end to a fraudulent “political career”.

    Thank you private sector I know you sincerely want to help, but you are dealing with a few stubborn, hard headed and selfish people from the opposition who only have their personal interests in mind. Former Prime Minister of India the late Indira Gandhi once said “you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist”.

  5. SAY A RESOUNDING NO PRIVATE SECTOR…The people of Guyana’s voice must be heard loud proud and clear. Of the 3 political parties that individually contested the election the PPPC amassed the most votes and most seats and must be allowed to carry on to the end of its term.The combined opposition thinks they are the rulers of the people with their combined majority one seat.U just cant contest elections as individuals then then you get to parliament you act as if you contest the election as one to hold on to the idea the majority is yours. AFC dug the hole and PNC jumped in head first and its leader Granger the poor sap who knows nothing is being led by his nose by his handlers..I say what the majority Guyanese saying at present…Spend the 1.6B $$$ and go back to the polls…Kathy Hughes and David Granger said they dont need money to win the election so lets get on with the peoples business.

  6. Mr. Ramesh Persaud, Indeed you have presented yourself to be a great intellectual. I congratulate you on your effort. “Moratorium” Sound really, really great! I always know that we have great/brilliant minds in beautiful Guyana. I think you can be trusted to be a mediator. My question would be though, Can we trust the PNC? Should we trust the opposition? May I remind us that about 90% of the AFC are Judases? I support your idea, and what you’re doing, but I personally think the Democratic Elected President should go back to the poll. We’re planning to video every polling stations this election. Anyway, let the President decide. Please know/remember that the President is a very wise man.

  7. Well this sounds good, but who have faith Granger and Ramjattan. Can honor agreements.
    Amendents,that the speaker must act impartially, and adhere to the custom and practice s of previous parliament.

    If a disagreement arises and has to be ventilated through the court the ruling must be respected a fundamental respect every citizens must embrace in every civilized society.


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