Private sector companies not doing enough for employees – iNews’ Poll


Chart PSC[] – Local Private Sector companies are being urged to do more to improve the working conditions of employees.

During iNews’ weekly poll for the period Sunday, April 13 through Saturday, April 26 participants were asked: “Do you think private sector companies can do more to improve the working conditions of their employees?”

Eighty nine percent of the respondents were in agreement while eight percent were against and a mere three percent were undecided in the poll which saw almost 400 persons participating.

The poll was conducted against the backdrop that employees of private sector companies, in some cases, are treated unfairly and incomparable to persons working in the public sector.

Over the years, there have been employees in the private sector working under improved conditions thanks to legislative reforms by the government; however it is felt that more should be done.

In some comments persons raised the issue of health benefits, insurance and remuneration all of which remains the subject of much debate.



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