Private School Director on trial for sexually assaulting employee

James Bovell
James Bovell

James Bovell, the director of a city private school, is presently on trial for allegedly assaulting one of his female employees.

Bovell is on trial before Principal Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. He was first charged with the offence last year.

Bovell pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was released on monetary bail. The charge against him states that during February 2020, at Brickdam, Georgetown, he kissed the 25-year-old woman on her cheeks and grabbed her buttocks without her permission.

According to information, the woman had been working at the school as an accountant six months before the alleged incident. In January 2020, the young woman asked Bovell to borrow some $30,000 to buy a mattress. He gave her the money.

Sometime in February 2020, the young woman went to the canteen at the school where she saw Bovell who asked her to make some coffee for him. It is understood that the woman made the coffee for her boss and attempted to pay him back some of the money she borrowed.

It is alleged that as the woman was about the exit the canteen, Bovell grabbed her and kissed her on the cheeks without her permission. While she was leaving his office, Bovell allegedly got up from his chair, blocked the door, and slapped her on her left side buttocks without her consent.

This publication understands that the woman confided in two of her workmates and the father of her child who took her to the Police to make a report. The woman told the Police that her workmates said that Bovell would look at them in a “perverted” manner.

For instance, one of them told the virtual complainant that Bovell would gaze at her breast whenever she walks past him. After investigations, Bovell was arrested and charged. His trial is scheduled to continue on April 20, 2021.