Private criminal charges to be filed against corrupt APNU/AFC ministers


– Jagdeo warns

Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo earlier today stated that the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) intends to file private charges against Ministers and other high ranking Government Officials since it is his firm belief that they are utilising the country’s funds for their own personal benefits.

Though Jagdeo did not elaborate much on evidence to back this claim, he stated: “We are preparing the documents.” He however noted that criminal charges would also be filed against the significant salary increase the government administered to themselves.

 “We can prove a case in court that they have taken financial assets of the State based on a Cabinet decision that they themselves made to give themselves an increase bigger than anyone else,” he asserted.

The Opposition Leader made reference to a previous decision made by  the APNU-AFC government to relieve the employees of the Integrity Commission of their duties, without receiving their returns. As such, he noted that these records could be tampered with, to benefit the government officials.

 “Many of them broke the law and did not file returns so we are worried that they could just stick these things in and they would tamper with the records,” he told reporters.

 Jagdeo believes that these charges, once filed, could serve as a method to accurately test how susceptible the President of Guyana is, from being prosecuted. (Ramona Luthi)


  1. Jagdeo will make rings around Granger. Can you imagine Jagdeo talking about putting this Government before the Courts for corruption. He can do that because Granger is so soft. Dr. Hinds for President, and Jagdeo will run out of Guyana. Hinds for President in 2020.


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