Prithima Kissoon back at AG Chambers

Prithima Kissoon

Former Deputy Solicitor General Prithima Kissoon, who was fired in 2017 under the APNU/AFC Coalition Administration, is back at the Attorney General Chambers.

This was confirmed by Attorney General Anil Nandlall, who explained that Kissoon has served Guyana with distinction for a number of years.

Kissoon will now be serving as the public trustee and official receiver at the Legal Affairs Ministry.

Nandlall explained that Kissoon was filling vacant positions and thus, no one was displaced by her rehiring.

Kissoon was sent on administrative leave in 2017 after a Public Service Commission inquiry into the complaints against her.

The incident arose with the then Attorney General Basil Williams who had launched a probe into cases which the then Deputy Solicitor General Kissoon was involved in.

This course of action was taken following a decision by the Court of Appeal, dismissing a State-sponsored appeal against a High Court decision that quashed a private criminal charge against the then Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

The Appeal Court ruled that the appeal was null after Kissoon had conceded to a claim by Jagdeo’s lawyer that the Attorney General was not a proper party to the proceeding. Williams had since blamed Kissoon for the outcome of the case.

However, although he has blamed Kissoon for the loss, Solicitor General Sita Ramlall, in a letter to the editor, had pointed out that Williams had insisted to Kissoon and herself that he be named as the plaintiff in the appeal when he was not a party.

For her part, Kissoon has made public several accusations, including that she was harassed, verbally abused and prevented from carrying out her duties, all in an effort to oust her from her position.

Kissoon had taken the coalition government to court over the withholding of her salary.

Last year, Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George ruled against the former government.