Prisoner’s FB posts: Security Ministry ‘extremely disappointed,’ says culpable wardens will be dealt with

The earlier Facebook photo showing the prisoners consuming alcohol

The Ministry of Public Security in a statement on the Facebook (FB) posts of prisoners engaged in the consumption of alcohol, which was posted on Sunday by inmate Abdul Andre Azimullah, who is currently on remand for murder, is being investigated.

The Facebook photo showing the inmates consuming alcohol

According to the Ministry, the incident took place at the New Amsterdam Prison and the cellphone used by Azimullah to make the post has since been confiscated.

“The Ministry is extremely disappointed that alien objects and other material, inclusive of drugs and liquor, find their way into the various prisons as obviously happened here. There is no doubt collusion with prison wardens and prisoners which is causing this” the statement said. “This kind of misbehaviour by the culpable prison wardens will be dealt with very seriously after the ongoing investigations reveal who they are.”

According to the Ministry, the Public will be further advised on the matter after investigations concludes.

Meanwhile Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels was quoted in the media outlining his frustrations  over the embarrassing situation, while noting that the officer in charge of the facility will be made available during a press briefing to explain how is it the prisoners were able to receive the prohibited items.

The prisoners are seen posing with expensive rum labels

He did divulge however, that the items were probably smuggled into the compound by a Town Council tractor, while outlining that there is no direct evidence implicating any prison officer, at it pertains of the movement of the contraband into the prison.

But, Samules did say that the sanctions will be taken against those found culpable, since prison officers must have observed the men drinking.

Just recently, three prison officers were placed under investigation after a parcel, containing what is suspected to cannabis, was thrown over the fence at the Lusignan Prison’s holding bay.



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