Prisoner chopped by fellow inmates at Camp Street prison


[] – Tambico Mackenzie, an inmate at the Camp Street jail is nursing several wounds about the body after he was badly chopped by two of his fellow inmates at the facility on Thursday, March 19.

Reports reaching iNews revealed that the injured man was not taken to the hospital for treatment, something which has angered his relatives.

Family members, who prefer to remain anonymous, revealed that the incident was reportedly triggered following an argument between some inmates.

Mackenzie was later attacked with a cutlass while sleeping. It should be noted that cutlasses are prohibited at the prisons and the photographs sent to iNews via email were taken by another inmate with a cell phone, which is also prohibited.

Mackenzie is a remand prisoner, who was charged in February for a robbery offence. His family is now concerned about his safety. Efforts made by iNews to contact prison officials proved futile.




  1. no..cell fone no no in prison. now!!! u dont have to be a rocket scientist to know how these……prohibited—– got into the jail cells..i read sometime ago that big —like….mega business taking place in guyana prison just like other prisons in the world..remember how the jail break 5 shot their way out of prison??? dont be surprise it happen again..prison guards making a financial killing in prison..


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