Prison officers suspended after inmate escapes NA jail


Three prison officers have been suspended after a convicted prisoner escaped from their custody at the New Amsterdam Prison.

Rameshwar Prakash, 21, was serving an 18 months sentence for larceny. He was slated to be released on June 20, 2020.

Prison Director Gladwin Samuels explained that at around 07:50hrs today, 13 male prisoners were uplifted by two female prison officers to labour at the New Amsterdam Prison farms.

The inmates were working at the Arable ‘B’ which is situated opposite the Prison Officers’ Club.

Reports are that Prakash requested to use a washroom that is on the opposite side of the road from where he was working.

“From there, it is alleged that he went into a house used by one of the female officers he was working with. The report indicated that he removed seventeen thousand ($17,000) dollars (Guyana Currency) and an electronic tablet from the Officer’s room and made good his escape,” the Guyana Prison Service said in a release.

Search teams consisting of Police Officers and Prison Officers are deployed to aid in his recapture.  His last known address is lot 53, Princetown, Corentyne, Berbice.

Initial investigation suggests that there were breaches of Standing Orders, the Prison Service said.

“…as a result, three officers have been relieved of their duty.  They are required to report to the prison daily at 08:00 hours, pending the outcome of investigations.”