Prison officers arrive in US for emergency response, riot training


Several officers of the Guyana Prison Service (GPS) have arrived in the United States (US) to participate in the 18th Annual Mock Prison Riots, at the decommissioned West Virginia State Prison in Moundsville.

prison 3According to a GINA media statement, the ranks are currently undergoing Emergency Response and Riot Training prior to the staging of the Annual Mock Prison Riots which will take place from May 1 to 4.

The officers participating are: Assistant Superintendent, Kelvin Hutson; Cadet Officers Uditsair Holigon, and Twain Hemerding; Chief Officers, Patrick Crawford, Prince Cox, Dazley Granderson, Mickey Pross, and Ken Prescod, and Prison Training Instructor, Erwin Mentore and Woman Prison Officer Murrica Murray.

The ranks previously named to represent the GPS at the event were unable to attend due to obligatory circumstances.

The local prison officers’ participation in the training exercise comes from an invitation extended by the US Government. The training will enable the local ranks to respond better to prison unrest or other similar emergencies, in addition to training other ranks in the effort to build the capacity of GPS officers.



  1. Prison officers arrive in US for emergency response, riot training
    How can they be trained not to accept flesh and currency so contraband dont be passed on to convicts?
    The US trainers will have to remove part of their DNA because corruption is ingrained in these people. Like police and army these prison guards knows exactly why they take the job. Flesh and currency trump everything else no matter the amount of training and whom trained them


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