Printery employee robbed by well dressed bandits


Earlier today, two ‘well dressed’ bandits relieved an employee, of her mobile phone, and fled the scene.

According to the employee of a printery located in Barr Street, Kitty, Georgetown, at approximately 16:15hrs today, one male and one female who appeared to be young adults, pushed their way into the staff section of the entity and snatched her cell phone from her desk.
She noted that the employee section of the office was locked, but she had opened the door to allow her boss to enter. As such, the male suspect who was seen lurking outside of the business, pushed the owner of the entity out of the way and grabbed the Samsung S7 mobile phone which was in plain sight.
The traumatized staff relayed that the young man then fled the scene,with his female accomplice running behind him.
“They were all well dressed. You’d think they worked in an office! The girl had on long heels, and she took them off and ran away with her partner,” the employee recalled.
According to information received, the duo allegedly intended to rob the business, since they noticed that only one staff was still on duty at the time. However, when the owner of the business showed up unexpectedly, they changed the course of their plans.
The police were contacted and investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


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