Princess Hotel awaiting DPP’s advice on alleged sexual assault of employee – Attorney


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Attorney-at-Law for Princess Hotel Guyana, Ramona Vansluytman says the Hotel is awaiting the ‘dismissal’ and/or ‘proper advice’ from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in the case brought against the Owner of Princess Casino and Hotel, who is accused of sexual assault by a former 18 –year – old female waitress.

The alleged fondled teen during her press conference on Monday, February 3. [iNews' Photo]
The alleged fondled teen during her press conference on Monday, February 3. [iNews’ Photo]

Vansluytman told iNews that the entity is very anxious to make a public statement on the matter which is said to have occurred on January 11, 2014 but remains silent in the absence of a final decision from the DPP.

The matter which was reported to the police and initially investigated where video footage was reviewed is currently before the DPP, Shalimar Ali-Hack who is expected to make her decision by Tuesday, February 4.

“We are tied in terms of speaking on the matter, we are dying to make a public statement but we can’t,” Vansluytman explained during a telephone interview on Monday (February 3).

On Monday, the teen expressed the belief that the judicial system has failed her as she went public telling the tale of her January 11 ordeal.

During a press conference held at the Pegasus Hotel, the teen told reporters that she was personally advised by a woman at the DPP’s Office, who she claimed was the Secretary not to go before the Court since there was no hard evidence and her case will be thrown out.

Her father, who was present with her lamented similar sentiments and said he was particularly displeased with the slothfulness of investigators, and that no one has been arrested.

The 18 – year – old girl, who sat in a chair twitching, claimed that while serving the visiting overseas based owner in the Casino on the night in question, he touched her on her breast and attempted to kiss her to which she responded repulsively.

She said she was later taken to the man’s room where she was told by a male manager to do whatever the man asks her to. She further stated that she immediately left the room where the owner was lying on the bed covered with a sheet to go the washroom where she related what transpired to her supervisor and later went home.

The matter has been under police investigation ever since, while the owner reportedly departed Guyana the day after the alleged incident occurred.



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