President supports Nov. 10 as Diwali date

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.

By Fareeza Haniff

President of Guyana, David Granger
President of Guyana, David Granger

[] – Head of State, David Granger has thrown his support behind the decision of Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan to have November 10 observed as the Diwali holiday in Guyana.

The issue has gained much public attention and debate since the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha remains adamant that the date should have been November 11.

During his appearance on the programme, ‘The Public Interest’ in which iNews participated, the President said that he is convinced that Minister Ramjattan made the right decision.

“I am convinced… I have spoken to the Minister, I have seen the opinion issued…I am convinced that he consulted widely. I’m aware that the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha is in disagreement and I did receive a letter from Dr Persaud, with signatures of several pundits,” President Granger said.

He further noted that the Minister consulted with some Swamis and “learned Hindus” before arriving at the decision “and we are convinced that the selection [of the date] is the correct one and that is what the government stands by.”

According to the Head of State, his government will in the future avoid any such controversy and dispute.

The Ministry of Public Security and the Viraat Sabhaa are disagreeing with the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha over the date for Diwali observance this year. The Dharmic Sabha insists that the date for Diwali this year should be November 11 based on religious grounds.Diwali

According to a press statement from the Viraat Sabha: “We remain convinced that this year’s festival must be observed on Tuesday, November 10…Our conviction on the November 10 date is based on calculations premised on the knowledge of renowned Astrologists, Kaushik, Kaashi and Bhaskaar. These Panchangs/Patras (Astrological guides), all convincingly demonstrate that Deepawali 2015 is on November 10.”



  1. DENNIS!!!! You have written a lot of piffle on the internet but this takes the crown for BS!!! “The PNC and Burnham who created this holiday for Hindus????” You are entirely out of line and totally disrespectful to Hindus not only in Guyana but around the globe. Maybe you fell and hit you head during one of your drunken splendours at your crapnu rallies or something! I’m at a lost as to how YOU can seriously consider scribbling this for the world to see, it’s completely lacking in logic! Damn, they right to say empty vessels make the most noise! Your de facto president and his bunch buffoons parading around the place like they have something to be proud about when they were given the leadership of this country not by the people but by the abc countries who’s rear they have to kiss. Our country is being run by a group of puppets on a string who are all still in the mindset of yes massa days! They can’t even get the date right for something as simple as this religious holiday?

  2. People started to talk how Moses Nagamoottoo wants to change the date of Christmas from the 25th to the 24th and boxing day to the 31st.

  3. I believe,it is most unfortunate to criticize the President for agreeing with his Minister to have November 10th celebrated as Diwali day.The two factions of Hindus differ on what day the celebration should take place.May I remind you,that it was the PNC led by LFS Burnham who created this holiday for the Hindus,that`s why the President has a right to have a say.

  4. I am not a Hindu.l refrain from any of the ritual events associated with the festival ,but l can say my family and l always enjoy the events of that day and prepare all the goodies like my neighbors and even share with them.l strongly believe hindus should be given the right to choose the day they feel is right for them to celebrate . Do not attempt to take that right from them.

  5. Well Rumjhattan looks at london and goes to tokyo … so the guy probably looked at 11th and saw 10th …. looks like the president’s brain got twisted in the process just like Rumjhattan eyes

  6. Totally agreed with you Gandhi. We will all celebrate Diwali on November 11th while Rumjatt and his Defacto President will be on the 10th. They are attempting to split Indians to benifit themselves. This group of clowns will continue to divide and rule just like the old PNC days.

  7. INEWS is quite incorrect to claim that only the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha remains adamant that the date should have been November 11.
    Sadly, your comment page does not allow photos to be uploaded or I would prove what I am saying.

  8. Granger you are a sore looser just like Rumjattan…..Check GOOGLE and it will tell you when is Diwali… The world is celebrating diwali on the 11th which is Wednesday! You are making yourself look like a clown full with bug EGO just like rum jattan….Stop being dictators and start being leaders…OOO wait, you all do not seem to have any brain left in the empty shells….except to promote crime just like the PNC did in the days…..

  9. While over 1 billion Hindus in India will celebrate Diwali on the 11th of November. Our learned Minister Rumjatan has taken the advice of a few Hindu folk to make right his decision and satisfy himself that the right decision was made. I guess it makes sense that 2 Hindus’ decision would be better than say, 10,000 who would have made that decision in India. But then again it does make sense, if it’s one thing this coalition de facto government knows well, it’s how to juggle numbers… i.e. Election results!

  10. Disagree ….the Hindus should have the right to choose the date the want it a Hindu holiday …but rum at wanted to be notice for the wrong issue …leave the people with what ever the decide n go catch some bandit

  11. Mr. President you are not the right person to decide when Hindu community should observe Diwali. Diwali is celebrated in India on 10th November. That is in the east. 10:30 min ahead of Guyana time. We wake up the next day to celebrate Diwali on 11th of November. Politics is your profession and you want to split Indians so that you can continue to enjoy the support of this people who are with you for their personal benefits. They are not concerned about Indians nor the sentiments of our community or the culture.

    Divide and rule is the old policy. Please work on improving economy and rescuing sugar, rice and gold, bauxite industry. Crime inflation and unemployment making life of common man impossible. Suicide maternal death and failure in all front except for pay hike for your team APNU+ AFC is what we have seen is happening. We don’t care if 10th is holiday. we will celebrate Diwali on 11 November and you will realize how foolish it is to play politics with sentiments of people.


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