President says Venezuela’s economic crisis a concern for Region


– will welcome returning Guyanese

 President David Granger said the economic crisis in Venezuela will no doubt affect the security of the region, and he is expressing hope for an orderly resolution to the situation.

The economy of neighbouring Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves, has been in crisis since the decline in oil prices on the world market.  International media report that three years of recession, crime, shortages, looting, electricity and water rationing, and inflation projected to rise to as much as 700 percent, have angered Venezuelans.

venezuela crisis“I am deeply concerned, Guyana has special interest because of the territorial question, but I think the whole region is concerned about what is taking place in Venezuela, and we hope that there is not going to be a resort to lawlessness,” President Granger said.

More particularly, the President expressed concerns about the involvement of the Venezuelan National Armed Forces in the crisis in the country.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has deployed military personnel on the streets as part of an operation to address the growing crime situation and protests.

“I hope that a legal approach is taken, an orderly approach is taken for the security of the whole sub-region because it will have an impact on the Caribbean as well,” President Granger said.

Meanwhile, the deteriorating situation in Venezuela has created a growing refugee problem that threatens to spill over to Guyana.

When asked by media operatives today, if he will accept refugees from that country, President Granger said, “We do not have any agreement with Venezuela about other refugees, and that is not something we have considered.”

However, the President said that Guyana is obligated to accept any Guyanese returning from Venezuela. (GINA)


  1. Guyana need to take a stand,no to these people,they show gross disrespect to guyanese,even the flying fish people,humming bird people,and many more in the community show so much disrespect,why should guyana open it’s arms just like that.

  2. mother sally get real Venezuela will never come to Guyana hello their are loyal to their country and where ever you get your information from it was Guyanese who ran from Guyana in Burnham time to Venezuela to escape Burnham hard time . you all just piss off the citizen od Venezuela by making outrageous propaganda

  3. We need to make adequate preparations now in conjunction with the Geneva based United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) because this is in essence going to become a huge humanitarian crisis for which Guyana has neither the requisite leadership, mindset or resources to effectively address.

    This goes beyond the realm of a simple border issue which has its origins as we all know in the 1899 Arbitration Agreement between Great Britain (then ruler of British Guiana) and The Republic of Venezuela. We must rise above the fray and treat any influx of refugees or victims of conscience crossing into our waters or land with nothing but respect, tolerance and kindness because it is not only the proper and humane thing to do but also because of our treaty obligations as enshrined in UN Convention on The Treatment of Refugees or Stateless Persons.

    In fact, some of those that will end up coming into Guyana will very well include Guyanese that migrated to nearby Porto Ordaz or their Venezuelan born children so we must demonstrate our traditional Guyanese values of warmth, generosity and hospitality. We may have our political differences with the Maduro folks but we must demonstrate to the world that we are a humane and sympathetic nation.


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