President says Operation Dragnet will target internal & external threats

President David Granger addressing Officers and Soldiers at Location Eteringbang
President David Granger addressing Officers and Soldiers at Location Eteringbang

[] – President David Granger and Commander in Chief of the armed forces told officers and soldiers based at the Guyana Defence Force’s (GDF) Location Eteringbang in the Cuyuni/ Mazaruni area at their Christmas Lunch that they must be prepared to deal with both external and internal threats.

The President opined that between 2000 and 2010 crimes such as drug trafficking, Trafficking in Persons (TIP), gun running and smuggling brought the greatest destruction Guyana has seen in fifty years.

It is for this reason, President Granger said, the Chief of Staff of the GDF, Brigadier Mark Phillips, launched Operation DRAGNET.

“Between 2000 and 2010 more Guyanese were killed by violence, by terror than any other time in our history. More policemen died in the first decade of this millennium than in the whole history of the police force… Not because the Venezuelans attacked, not because the Surinamese attacked but because there are Guyanese criminals, who are pushing their drug trade and they were prepared to kill fellow Guyanese in order to take control of the narcotics trade. They were prepared to bribe members of the police force and the Defence force. They were prepared to bribe public servants”, he said.

President David Granger serves Christmas Lunch at Location Eteringbang
President David Granger serves Christmas Lunch at Location Eteringbang

The Head of State said that Operation DRAGNET is an ambitious approach to total national defence and that the GDF and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) have a responsibility to prevent internal civil violence [and] internal terrorism from ever returning to this country.

Referencing acts of terror internationally, President Granger said, “We have to ensure that no form of terrorism, domestic or otherwise, is allowed to take root in this country; any form of extremism. We live as brothers; Christians Muslims and Hindus… we have never had religious wars in this country and we never will if you continue to do your work.”

DSC_9779The President also used the occasion to thank the members of the GDF for their service and congratulated them for making to sacrifice to defend Guyana’s territorial integrity. He noted that were it not for the GDF, Guyana would not be what it is today.

President Granger, who joined the army on December 29, 1965 declared, “…this year is important for me too because it marks my fiftieth year of signing on that dotted line; fiftieth year of attestation in the greatest profession that I have ever known; the Guyana Defence Force, the military profession of Guyana.”

The Commander in Chief also reminisced on his time serving at Eteringbang, which was his second posting as a solder, telling those gathered of his memories of posting Guyana’s Flag and signs along the river banks, which read “Guyana’s territory”.

Location Eteringbang lies opposite Ankoko Island, which is occupied by Venezuela. The Venezuelan settlement of San Martin lies on the northern bank of the Cuyuni across from Eteringbang. [Extracted and modified from Ministry of the Presidency]




  1. The pictures in this article depicts Granger’s obvious closeness to the military. He needs their love and support. This is how military dictators stay in power. We had Burnham now Guyana has got its first military dictator.

  2. Mr. President you need to act like a president of Guyana. How can you go wrong with the statistics Highest crime in Guyana 50 years history is since you took office and PNC time. Please read history or avoid such statements. You are the one who insulted ex president for his suggestions to use GDF in fight against increasing crime last weak and see what you are doing now? Apnu+afc is completely out of order. Your ministers cannot give you any guidance. Please stop criticizing the opposition and run the government with their ideas and save Guyana.


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