President reiterates commitment to well trained, professional public service


President David Granger, today, saluted the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) for its contribution to the struggle for Guyana’s Independence and reiterated that he is not “interested in an unhappy, untrained, under-equipped and unprofessional public service”.

The President made these remarks during his address at the unveiling of two plaques to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence, according to GINA.

President David Granger and GPSU President Patrick Yarde after the unveiling of the Independence plaque
President David Granger and GPSU President Patrick Yarde after the unveiling of the Independence plaques

The President’s remarks come at a time when the Government and the GPSU are discussing a new approach to wages and salaries for state employees rather than the imposed across-the-board increases, which had become the norm.

The President had established a Public Service Commission of Inquiry (COI) to examine, advise and report on the salaries, conditions of services, training, and other matters pertaining to the improvement of the efficiency of the performance of the public service and the wellbeing of public servants in the public sector.

The plaques, which were unveiled this morning, are affixed to the facade of the building that houses the GPSU’s headquarters at the junction of Shiv Chanderpaul Drive and Regent Street, Bourda, where the ceremony was held, and at the Union’s Sports Complex in Thomas Lands.

According to GINA, the President noted that the GPSU’s journey over the last nine decades has not been an easy one, as the Union played a significant role in safeguarding the rights of ordinary public servants in the colonial and post-independence periods.

President of the GPSU, Mr. Patrick Yarde said that while the Union and the Government will, from time to time, face each other across the negotiating table they both share a common commitment to the development of the public service and the country as a whole.

“These two institutions, the Government and the GPSU, are significant players in both the working and social lives of the nation’s public servants… The role of our union extends beyond worker representation in various ways and in so many circumstances. We have publicly identified ourselves as patriots and as contributors to the building of this nation,” Mr. Yarde was quoted by GINA as saying.




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