President registers alarm at AWOL soldiers’ figures at Commissioning Parade


By Kurt Campbell

Army[] – Commander – in – Chief of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar on Wednesday (February 12) registered his concern over the increasing number of soldiers who are absent without leave (AWOL) from the Force.

He said those who stay away from their duty without just reasons are imperiling the future of the Army and affecting the security of the country while at the same time shortchanging taxpayers whose money was spent to train them.

The President said these acts are as a result of indiscipline and must be rooted out from the Force. He was at the time delivering the feature address at the Commissioning Parade for fifteen ranks, inclusive of three from the Belize Defence Force of the Standard Officers Course #46 at the Drill Square Base Camp Ayanganna, Georgetown.

According to the Head of State, today marks another proud day in the history of Guyana’s military as it reaffirms its fraternal relations with sister militaries in the region.

While pointing to the increased level of applications by citizens for entry into the Force, the President also urged both those graduating and other ranks to ensure they compensate lack of quantity with quality.

He was adamant that the Army must not restrict its role to the protection of Guyana borders but must also lend a helping hand to other law enforcement agencies especially in the fight against drug trafficking.

He reiterated to the ranks that firstly there should be no tolerance of indiscipline and urge that they guard against complacency.

“Define yourself by your conduct on and off the job and do not use your authority to belittle others…  keep your integrity and guard against those who will try to corrupt you …  be exemplary men and women in uniform.”

The Standard Officers Course (SOC) was developed to provide training, not only for new Army Officers but also for new Officers of the other Services. It provides a solid foundation for the subsequent professional development of all cadets entering the Force.

The new lieutenants are, Obitre Hytmiah, Alvin Holladar, Dishon Harris, Steffon Branche, Curtland Melville, Carlos Moore, ShaheedZaiboon, Neil Asregado, Simon Gordon, Lawrence King, Kevin Salaru, Noel Lanza, Marion Hernandez and Austain Flores.

The Best Student was Simon Gordon from the Guyana Defence Force and he also received the Sword of Honor from President Ramotar.

The standard officers’ course #46 commenced on March 15, 2013 with 25 officer cadets, but during the period of training, 10 persons either withdrew or failed to achieve the minimum standard of the course.  The remaining 15, three of whom are from the Belize Defence Force endured nine weeks of intense training.







  1. TO:
    President Of The Republic Of Guyana,
    And Commander In Chief Of The G.D.F.

    President Ramoutar,

    Does the G.D.F. provide the necessary tools, equipment, weapons, munitions, and technology to ensure that ALL soldiers are equipped to defend out homeland Guyana?

    Do they have the capacity to defend against any and all enemies from within and without,?

    Do they have adequate, and modern transportation, (aerial, land, and waterways), to combat any serious threat to our sovereignty?

    If you answer YES to all of the above, then I encourage you to continue the good work.

    But if your answer is NO, I URGE you to ensure expeditious efforts are made to provide all of the above needs.


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