President reflects on 3 years in Office; says more could have been accomplished

Former President, Donald Ramotar.


President Donald Ramotar.
President Donald Ramotar. 

[] – This month, President Donald Ramotar observes three years in office, after being sworn in on December 05, 2011, following the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) minority win at the General Elections in that year.

Three years on, the Head of State said he would describe those three years as ‘mixed’, due in part to a very difficult political situation, locally and a complicated and not so favourable international situation.

The fact however, that Guyana’s economy continued to grow and its social services expanded, are considered monumental given the overall circumstances they were achieved in, President Ramotar told the Government Information Agency (GINA).

Looking back some 20 years from the present, the Head of State said that historians may see his first three years from a better perspective, particularly in light of the challenges faced. While he is happy with what has been achieved, it has also been very wearisome since he feels that the nation could have progressed much further had there been more cooperation on the political front.

“I am proud of that, our team, what we were able to do, but I must admit that it was very frustrating, because we could have gone much further than we have, if we had a better local political situation…”

The failure to start construction of the Amalia Falls Hydro Power project is a major regret for the president, “because that project is one that every single Guyanese would benefit from, whether they get electricity from the grid or not”.

He stressed that it is a project that will transform the country, and accelerate its growth and development. Cheap electricity is vital to propel Guyana towards the stage of being a developed country, he added, as he described the voting against the project by both Parliamentary Opposition political parties as “vindictive”.

“…the fact that the Opposition voted against it for no other reason -I don’t know what else to say but being vindictive, why I say that is that both the opposition parties have in their manifesto that they were in support of hydro (power) and here we had a fantastic deal and they scuttled it, I would say they delayed it,… I’m still determined that Amaila Falls (project) will come on stream.”

The need for other infrastructural projects such as an expanded Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the paved road link to Lethem via Linden and a deep water harbour were highlighted by the president as necessary for Guyana’s development.

The main goal however, is the development of human capital to ensure that an educated workforce was prepared to take advantage of the many jobs that will be available with advancing economic development.

Economic growth is tied to education levels and history has proven this, he added.


  1. being sworn in on December 05, 2011, following the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) minority win at the General Elections in that year.

    inews..of the three political parties that contested the 2011 election which political got the majority vote majority seats?

  2. Guyana has made a lot of progress under the PPP governance but nasty politics and the vindictiveness of the opposition is what’s undermining rapid growth.

    Just for the sake of saying that the current government is corrupt – why should anyone believe that the opposition is not exactly the same? Why should anyone believe that the opposition will bring about changes rather than trying to fill their own pockets as well.

    Sadly some Indians forget the days of the PNC rule how suppressed and depressed the country was. Rape, exploitation to name a few. It’s the coolie “crab dog” mentality that’s causing the current situation and not the government. No matter what the situation black people stick together but Indians are like crabs, keep pulling each other down.

  3. What is your alternative? If all the things you mentioned (Amaila, fiber optic…) is true then the opposition chaired PAC, Auditor general and PDC have fail.

  4. mr. president! VINDICTIVE?? That’s the ideal word to describe your management group!!
    Your current situation was created by your vindictiveness. Built on a foundation not your own but the legacy you inherited to continue the ’cause’!
    If only (relatively) you had kept a few of your personal campaign promises and not continued ‘business as usual’ you definitely wouldn’t be in your current position.
    You also need to stop dramatizing ‘economic growth’ as an achievement because it (current growth) is virtual! It is precariously propped up by the remittance, crate, barrel and underground economy which can disappear at any time.
    The Amalia Falls debacle? You still want to do that under the same conditions? I should think not! The fiber-optic cable scheme? Can you provide the necessary security and overcome the logistics issues that consistent plague it?
    Why is it that oil prices have been reduced substantially worldwide yet Guyanese can now safely boast having the highest fuel prices in the world??? This is all part of your legacy – crime, corruption.
    Fire your speechwriters and advisors and see if you can come up being a bit progressive and nationalistic!

  5. With all being said, I too belief the president has done a good job,
    The President has to be more decisive,
    Like how he porogue. The parliament,
    Well done!!!!!!!!!


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