President Ramotar calls for “World Peace” at 68th session of UN General Assembly


UN WEB[] – President Donald Ramotar has called on the United Nations (UN) General Assembly to build on and expand the gains made, in setting the stage for a post-2015 development agenda.

To do this he recommends the creation of an international environment that is conducive for the achievement of the goals that we will set for the future, premised on world peace.

President Ramotar was at the time delivering remarks during the general debate of the 68th Session of the UN General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York.

“Peace and development are inseparable. Peace will only be realized if international law and the rights of nations and their sovereignty are always respected and upheld.” He told the gathering.

In this vein the Guyanese Head of State highlighted the current situation with Syria.

“It is an illusion to believe that military intervention will bring peace to that country. What is badly needed is a political dialogue between the Syrian parties. The international community also has an important role to play.” He said.

President Ramotar welcomed the agreement between Russia and the United States which will facilitate the destruction of chemical weapons held in Syria.

“We call on all countries that possess such weapons to do the same. We hope too, that there would be a withdrawal of terrorist forces operating in Syria. After all, they cannot be terrorists when they were fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, but freedom fighters when fighting the Syrian Government. A terrorist is a terrorist.” Ramotar added.

He believes peace in the Middle East will not be realized until a just solution to the Palestinian tragedy is met. He made it clear that it was his view that the Palestinian people have the right to their own country and noted his support in their quest for the right to live in peace and in an independent, viable Palestinian state.

The Guyanese leader did not stop there; he went onto point to the blockade against Cuba which has caused serious damage to the country’s economy and has obscured development.

He called for a lifting of the blockade which will result in the removal of the burden that it places on the Cuban people.



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