President Ramotar accused of deception; GTUC urges citizens to up activism


Vice President of the GTUC, Norris Witter (center) along with other members. [iNews' Photo]
Vice President of the GTUC, Norris Witter (center) along with other members. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Guyana Trades Union Congress today accused President Donald Ramotar of deception; explaining that his promise to announce a date for general and regional elections early next year is a deceiving act to remove the pressure on him to lift the prorogation of Guyana’s Parliament.  

To this end, the Body issued a statement calling on Mr. Ramotar again to reconvene Parliament without delay even as it urged citizens to up their activism to ensure this is realized.


Se full text below:


The GTUC calls on political parties, civil society and every Guyanese to hold President Ramotar accountable for respecting the nation’s institutions and the will of the people.  

The problem that confronts Guyana is good governance. The manner in which Parliament has been prorogued and the continuation of this proclamation on the promise that elections will be held next year is a reflection that the Executive has no regard for Constitution and the will of the people. 

What President Ramotar has done by saying to the nation that there will be elections next year must be seen as a deceptive act to remove the pressure on him to lift the prorogation.  The offer for elections does not absolve the President from the violation of the spirit and intent of the Constitution in his application of prorogation Article 70 (1).

GTUC urged the citizens to up their activism and have the President reconvene the National Assembly, because the issue before us is the non-functioning of the nation’s highest democratic organ and decision-making forum (Article 50). For us as citizens to resign ourselves that elections will be called when the Constitution is being violated is to abrogate our sovereignty (Article 9), our responsibility to ensure government operates by respecting laws and our rights. The opportunity to govern is a privilege not a right and the population must ensure President Ramotar respects this.

The act committed by the President on 10th November was the prorogation of the Parliament, violating the spirit and intent of the Constitution and this continues to be the issue before us. It is therefore ill-advised to yearn for the president to name a date for elections which would be giving him a pass for the abominable act committed by him on the people. Once prorogation stands the offer for elections is inconsequential.  

Further, the offer to have elections next year cannot be seen as a replacement to the National Assembly being allowed to function. It is this institution/arm of government our elected officials are expected to meet and conduct business on our behalf. Thus, to succumb to the offer of elections in 2015 is to allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by the President given that the issue before us is the immobilising of the National Assembly.

The failure to hold the President accountable to reconvene the National Assembly is tantamount to partnering with him and his administration to entrench dictatorship.  The GTUC cannot and will not tolerate this serious violation of our supreme law and the abuse of the will of the people. The GTUC calls on President Ramotar to reconvene the National Assembly without delay.  



  1. As I remember and as the records would show the President never said that on Saturday he was going to announce a date for elections. What was made public was that on Saturday the President will speak to the nation to announce the way forward because the Opposition had responded in the negative on his invitation to dialogue. So who is realing deceiving?

  2. Prayer warriors we want you to be on your knees for the removal of the ppp/c government, 27th day of one party dictatorship rule of Guyana by the ppp/c government

  3. The gtuc is obviously opposition and they should find something useful to do. I appeal to them, stop being lazy and find a meaningful job. Use your brain and not your mouth! The whole of gtuc has a bunch of “humans” with brand new brains.

  4. The Gtuc is accusing the president of deception by not announcing a date for elections. SHAME on Gtuc,
    The Constitution provides for the porogation of parliament. It’s legal..
    The date to be announced is the president’s call and that will be within the prescribed time frame.
    The Gtuc is part of the PnC/ apnu,
    GTUC doesn’t have moral. Right to make any such call, they sold out the country workers so they can identify with the PnC
    The Constitution provides for the opposition to file a no confidence and also for the government to porogue,.
    Both are legitimate moves, .
    Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie which we ascribe to heaven,


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