President provides $100,000 support to mother whose son was burnt in house fire


President David Granger, through his Public Information and Press Services Officer, Ms. Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett, yesterday provided $100,000 in initial support to Ms. Cidel Hector, a 22-year-old security guard, who lost her home in a fire last week Monday that has left her toddler son nursing first, second and third degree burns.

Ms. Garrett presented the cash to Ms. Hector, yesterday afternoon, at the Georgetown Public Hospital where the mother of two has been staying to care for her son who has undergone a skin grafting procedure to treat the burns he suffered to his right arm and both knees.

Cidel Hector was overcome with emotion upon receiving the support of $100,000, which was presented to her on behalf of President David Granger at the Georgetown Public Hospital, yesterday afternoon
Cidel Hector was overcome with emotion upon receiving the support of $100,000, which was presented to her on behalf of President David Granger at the Georgetown Public Hospital, yesterday afternoon

“President Granger is very moved by your situation,” Ms. Nicholas-Garrett told the woman. “He understands that it is difficult as a young mother for you to support two children and then have to face a situation like this… his heart is touched by your circumstances and he has decided to help offset the initial expenses you will have [to help you get] back on your feet,” Ms Garrett was quoted as saying in  a statement from the President’s office.

On hearing this, the woman stared in disbelief and then burst into tears as she repeatedly expressed her gratitude to the President.

The Ministry of the Presidency will assess the situation and work with the Ministry of Social Protection to determine what other social services can be provided to assist the young mother to adequately care for her young children and help her to get back on her feet. Ms. Hector, a single parent, left two-year-old Ezekiel Malachi in the company of his four-year-old brother Nathaniel at her Two Friends Village, East Coast Demerara home, while she went to her security guard job.

Public Information and Press Services Officer, Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett hands over $100,000 to mother of two, Cidel Hector, who lost all she owned in a house fire that has left her toddler son nursing first, second and third degree burns
 Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett hands over $100,000 to mother of two, Cidel Hector

Neighbours were awakened by the children’s screams in the wee hours of the morning as fire engulfed their home.

As had been previously reported, Guyana Defence Force rank Mr. Colin Jack, braved the raging flames and climbed through a window in the burning house to rescue the children.

The elder child is currently in his father’s care.


  1. NickPaul you are a fool and a racist the dictator has a heart for ppl of his kind can’t you see whatever happened to the other “married women ” whose husbands were killed by you ppl and left alone to raise their kids of I see they are not of your kind so who cares–bloody scum bags.

  2. This is wonderful news that Granger cares about! I have to ask MOSES what did he do to HELP the Berbice 22-year old boy whose mother was BURNT to death by bandits in front of his eyes? What support did this government give him? OR wait a minute it is ONE sided? This government speak or transparency yet their action displays otherwise. Its a good thing to help, but keep it consistent! Hope the world is observing carefully. So far, this administration has been BIAS towards to Indian community and care less what happen! HOPE the Guyanese in the USA and Canada is observing it carefully….

  3. Where is the pickney’ daddy (or daddies) isn’t it their responsibility to provide for their children — I guess not…just mek dem and other ppl will take care of dem. Just one question: How much money did the dictator gave to the Indian woman with three children whose husband was killed by a thug? Nothing!!!!

  4. Wonderful news on behalf of our President to help another single mother. I fully agree with him stepping forward. We can all come together and help each other out…lots of a little makes a whole lot. On another note, a young mother with two young children with no father so soon after they are born…nobody seems to notice but why is so many of our young mothers being left to bear the full load of caring for the children? Are these young mothers making children by themselves? Where are the fathers?? Everywhere you turn in Guyana is single parents…a few years ago a study was done in this country and posted in the newspaper and the finding was shocking. They found 25,000 single parents in this country. I think the Social Protection Ministry should be stepping in to do another study to get to the bottom of this major problem as to why so many young mothers are left by the fathers of their children so soon sometimes even before the children are born. Could it be something the women are all doing wrong, or the fathers of this country does not like responsibility at all, leading to another bigger problem we are facing in this wonderful country of ours, crime.

  5. Is this a public relations stunt, pre-election bribe or a genuine donation to a deserving citizen? Local government election is on the horizon and this administration would go to any length to appease the disaffected to get their votes. After that they would be forgotten. Nevertheless, the recipient of this generous donation should be thankful and use it wisely in order to rebuild her life.

  6. A warm, humanitarian gesture Mr Granger. Hope that this young lady uses that sum of money to rebuild her life in whatever way possible. The question for you Mr Granger, there are many other deserving citizens in similar or worse situation across the country. Will you donate similar sums to them? Can the country afford to hand out to every deserving citizens in similar situation?


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