President preparing for official state visit to Chile


President David Granger will make an official State visit to The Republic of Chile from October 24-26.  During the visit, the Guyanese Head of State will attend a meeting with President Michelle Bachelet at Palace Moneda and participate in the ceremony for the signing of two Agreements between The Cooperative Republic of Guyana and Chile. These two agreements are the Open Skies Air Service Agreement and the Reciprocal Visa Abolition Agreement.

President of Guyana David Granger and President of Chile Michelle Bachelet
President of Guyana David Granger and President of Chile Michelle Bachelet

President Granger will also deliver a lecture at the Andrés Bello Diplomatic Academy of Chile on ‘His vision and assessment as well as the strategic implications on his call for the Caribbean to be preserved as a zone of peace’.

Speaking ahead of the visit, the Guyanese Head of State said that relations between Guyana and Chile and that South American nation and CARICOM [Caribbean Community] as a whole are cordial and strong.  “Chile is a key member of UNASUR [The Union of South American Nations], CELAC [Community of Latin American and Caribbean States] and Mercosur and it only this year opened an embassy in Georgetown. I would say the relations are cordial and strong and they are growing in strength now,” President Granger was quoted as saying in a statement from his office.

This visit comes soon after President Bachelet’s visit to Guyana in July this year, where she held bilateral talks with President Granger and participated in the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting.

“This is a step towards strengthening the bonds between Chile and the Caribbean too. Chile particularly has a large maritime zone and the Caribbean really is a maritime zone so we expect that there will be a good base for bilateral cooperation,” said President Granger, who will assume Chairmanship of CARICOM in 2017.


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