President pardons 9 female prisoners


President David Granger has once again used his constitutional power to pardon nine women prisoners in observance of Guyana’s 47th Republic anniversary. The women were pardoned after the President decided that they were fit and proper to receive such pardons.

The pardon will take effect today. The prisoners, who are all inmates at the New Amsterdam penitentiary are Kamla Bisram, 30; Malinda Beaton, 31; Charissazan Charles, 18; Sasha Christopher, 18; Jenny Davis, 26; Vanessa Frank, 26; Barbra Hunte, 51; Kamwattie Persaud, 23; and Dhanmattie Seenarine, 47.

The women prisoners have served the majority of their respective sentences for offences ranging from larceny, assault and unlawful possession of ammunition.

It is expected that this expression of compassion and humanity by the Head of State will result in families being reunited, with the pardoned offenders leading good and fruitful lives henceforth.

Since his ascent to office, Granger has pardoned dozens of prisoners.

In observance of Guyana’s Independence anniversary in 2015, 42 prisoners were released and then in the same year, at Christmas, he pardoned another 11. The President had intentions to release another 60 young men and woman in 2016 but this did not materialise.

The release of prisoners in 2015 caused much controversy after Government had refused to release the names and offences of those pardoned.

The news of pardoning of convicts has created tension among citizens, recalling the riot at the Camp Street Prison, which claimed the lives of 17 inmates.


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