President opens Bartica Regatta


President David Granger opened up the 2018 Bartica Regatta earlier today and used the opportunity to call for greater regional participation.

The Head of State gave the charge to the regional authorities and the planning committee at the Bartica Regatta at Golden Beach, Third Avenue.

The President charged “I want to see more participants from all over the region … all coming to Bartica to make this a more massive festival… More swimming, more canoes, more boating and other water sports”.

Granger noted that Regatta is developing from a local festival to a more global one.  He pointed out that “people have come back home” to be a part of Regatta and encouraged Barticans to continue to support the event.

Mayor of Bartica Gifford Marshall in his remarks noted that Bartica is poised to be the tourism capital of the country.

Marshall said “We are working to ensure that our true potential is met. We are working to ensure that we enforce a green agenda. We are working to ensure the good life for all”.

Moments before opening the Regatta, the president along with Mayor of Bartica, Gifford Marshall unveiled a plaque to mark the commissioning of the Golden Beach Development Project, the highlight of which is a boulevard.

The president, joined by the First Lady, the Mayor, Ministers and other regional officials greeted persons along the boulevard.

Bartica is located in Region Seven, Cuyuni-Mazaruni, and President Granger noted the region is bigger than the Netherlands and stressed the need for more diversified water sports.



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