President in favour of Independent Inquiry into baton rape allegations

Colwyn Harding i

By Leroy Smith

President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar.
President of Guyana, Donald Ramotar.

[]Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar has indicated that he is in support of an independent commission of inquiry into the allegations of 23 – year – old Colwyn Harding.

The President made the disclosure while addressing a press conference at his Georgetown Office on Friday January 24.

“I will be ready for that, I think the reporting on that has been so irresponsible it is amazing I mean let me say upfront that this government is against any kind of torture but at the same time I don’t think you hang people even before they have a trial even before they are listened to or anything like that,” President Ramotar said.

According Ramotar, when it comes to the specific matter he has his personal views, which include the time it took before the young man came forward with his claims, the people playing apart in keeping the issue alive and what are those peoples’ position politically.

“To me I mean I have my own personal views on many of these things, one: how long it took, two: who are the people who are now generating it, where do they stand, what are their political motives and I think a lot of what is taking place is not being based on looking at the facts or waiting for results of investigating but they are just wild or probably trying to instigate a lot of negative things in our society so yes I will be ready for any kind of investigation,” Ramotar said.

The President said that it is now becoming a pattern in Guyana by some people and media houses. He pointed to the situation in Linden which he said was filled with misinformation which saw at the end a report that told a different story.

Ramotar also stated that there is always a call for independent inquiries and when those tend to be going the route of a not guilty verdict for the accused then there is often the switch in position, hence there is definitely an agenda to instigate.

Colwyn Harding has been accusing ranks of the Guyana Police Force of assault and sexual abuse committed on him in November. His allegations have sparked much public outburst and prompted the Ministry of Home Affairs to caution ranks to be mindful of their actions since it makes a mockery of the Police Reform Process while the Guyana Police has launched an internal investigation and that report is presently with the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard.

At present, the injured young man who suffered intestinal injuries is receiving medical attention outside of Guyana, something that many have called for and supported.

Harding accused Constable Devin Mahendra Singh of inserting a condom covered baton into his anus, while he was detainee at the Timehri Police Station.



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