President Granger expects no significant change in Guyana-U.S. relations

President David Granger

Guyana’s President David Granger has extended congratulations to United States of America President-elect Donald Trump, highlighting that he expects no major change in the relationship between Guyana and the USA.

President David Granger
President David Granger

Business tycoon and political novice, Trump, was elected the 45th president of the USA on Tuesday, defeating his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in an astonishing victory which shocked the world.

“It’s a democratic outcome and we respect American democracy and on behalf of the Government of Guyana I would like to extend congratulations to the incoming president, Donald Trump and we will continue our relations with the USA when he is actually inaugurated in January. He is entering now a transition phase, I have already met with a senior official of the Department of State so we do not expect that there will be significant alterations, in the relation, particularly the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative,” Granger said.

Granger also stated that he is confident that the Administration of America shares the same concerns for the Hemisphere’s security as Guyana, and as such he looks forward to working with the new President.

“As the saying goes, the more things change the more they remain the same and we look forward to working with the Trump Administration because we are concerned about the security of the Hemisphere and we are very confident that the American concerns about the security of the Hemisphere will not diminish,” the president added.


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