‘President Granger enjoys my respect, it’s his polices we are critical of’- Jagdeo

File photo: President David Granger greets Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo upon his arrival at State House
File photo: President David Granger greets Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo upon his arrival at State House

Given President David Granger’s recent concerns about being criticized by the Opposition, its leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo says that those criticisms are targeted at the President’s policies and not him as individual.

The Opposition Leader nevertheless committed to working with the Guyanese Head of State on any matter of national importance.

“Let me make it quite clear here that President Granger enjoys my respect as would any Guyanese and he in spite of our concerns about the last elections, he is the President of this country at this point in time and we must all respect that” Jagdeo said.

Jagdeo said however, that President Granger Chairs the Cabinet and is responsible for policies in the government, unlike cases where ceremonial presidents don’t have to account to the electorate. 

“Our president is an Executive president and therefore, has to account for the policies that his government is pursuing. So it is not because we hate president Granger as an individual, in fact as a Guyanese we share common history, common blood, everything else. But we have to point out the deficiencies of his Government” the Opposite Leader stated.

Jagdeo said while the President has facilitated discourse with him particularly to look at constitutional matters, he is more concerned with implementation.

“And if he has done nothing about them although they are affecting the lives of hundreds and thousands of our people all across Guyana , then we have to be critical of him” Jagdeo explained.

The President has said he would like to improve his relationship with Jagdeo, given its importance for domestic policy, although he believes that Jagdeo does not see it that way.

Granger had told a section of the media that he believes that former Presidents need to be more prudent in their remarks.

But Jagdeo says that he currently holds the position of Opposition Leader and he is a former President as well.

He would therefore have to deliver his current constitutional duty.



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