President describes 2014 as a “momentous” year as Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree lights up

President Donald Ramotar flicking the switch to illuminate the Christmas tree at Rahaman’s Park. [GINA Photo]


The illuminated Christmas tree at Rahaman’s Park. [GINA Photo]
The illuminated Christmas tree at Rahaman’s Park. [GINA Photo]
[] – Hundreds of people turned out to witness President Donald Ramotar, accompanied by First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar, flick the switch to light the massive Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree last evening (November 28), at the Houston junction.

Delivering brief remarks, the President said the message of Christmas is one that “has universal appeal and one that is beautiful for our multi-ethnic country”.

According to the President, the message of peace and goodwill, is “extremely important for nation building, not only to have the economy growing, and for us to improve our social services, but for us also to integrate more and more with each other, so we can see ourselves as Guyanese, as one people, one nation, one destiny”.

He described 2014 as a significant and momentous year and one that saw the nation “moving forward”.

The Head of State further expressed the hope that 2015 would be even better as the nation renews its democracy and lays the political foundation to “take our country forward in a greater way”.

Acting Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali called on those gathered to applaud the passing of another year and the “celebration of life” as he briefly addressed the massive crowd.

President Donald Ramotar flicking the switch to illuminate the Christmas tree at Rahaman’s Park. [GINA Photo]
President Donald Ramotar flicking the switch to illuminate the Christmas tree at Rahaman’s Park. [GINA Photo]
He described 2014 as “One more year of love, one more year of life, one more year of living in our beautiful country, and one more year of sharing this wonderful spirit of Christmas with each other”.

The event featured performances by the choirs of the Eccles Assemblies of God Church, the Bishops’ High School, Success Elementary School, Brickdam Cathedral, and the Linden Masquerade Band.

It concluded with a parade with Santa and his Elves who distributed toys and sweets to hundreds of the appreciative children in attendance.

This is the eighth anniversary of the event, started by the Rahaman family and they have promised, according to Ray Rahaman, to continue the tradition with the eventual aim of breaking the world record for the tallest artificial tree, which currently stands at 54 feet.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]


  1. Hey Gray, Please take all the BLIND haters that are walking around in circle to Port Mourant OPHTHALMOLOGY CENTER THAT WAS BUILT BY PPP. When finished surgery for free then take them and show them the UNIVERSITY OF GUYANA TAIN CAMPUS, TEACHERS TRAINING COLLEGE (SECONDARY SCHOOL) AT PORT MOURANT JOHNS, please don’t tell them about the BERBICE FLOATING BRIDGE. Show them the new mental institution at fort Canjie. We have tons of brand new BUILDING FOR SECONDARY SCHOOLS, PRIMARY SCHOOLS NURSERY SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, CLINICS, ETC, ETC, ETC. I can readily give them a hundred and four more examples, but they must first learn to appreciate the first four. GOD BLESS GUYANA!

  2. A question for any true loving guyanese,,can you give 4 things the government did for the country,,and all you ppp strong hold ppl, can any of you say what you did that made Guyana a better country,,

  3. Who flick the switch to light the tallest CHRIST-mas tree in Guyana?? How many hundreds of loving Guyanese applaud the elected President when he lifted his hand? How many hundreds of God’s children laugh, smile, shout for joy, dance, and jump while clapping their hands, when the Democratic President laughing light up beautiful CHRIST-mas tree ? How many true Guyanese did, against those haters in the street complaining, grumbling, murmuring, and crying, while walking around in circle ?
    I congratulate you Mr. President, and the Rahaman’s family for your vision, and positiveness! Indeed it is a momentous year for Guyana in terms of economic growth, development in every sector, prosperity, and Guyana moving forward.
    Let all Guyana’s lovers shout with one voice FORWARD EVER, BACKWARD NEVER! In closing Mr. President, we thank you for not being the person many would wish/want you to be. We know that you’re not a President whose WORDS OR WISHES IS LAW ! You never direct the Judiciary, nor the magistracy, not even the Ombudsman or his office. You have been doing only what is constitutional. Should you make the least mistake, the opposition would stop running in circles and run straight to international community. May God continue to bless Guyana.

  4. What is momentous about this year Dictator Ramotar. You have dropped to an all time low. For this Christmas season, Prayer warriors all over the world will be on their knees, praying for the demise and removal of your PPP/C government from Guyana. God always wins.


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