President David Granger: A Psychological Fox Emerges


The citizens of Guyana have endured a long a bitter undemocratic rule (1968-1992) under the People’s National Congress. Economic and social decay pervaded the nation, which became paralyzed by the pure mismanagement of the state’s resources, coupled with an outright disregard foropposition parties, private enterprise, as well as individual rights and liberty. The dark rule of the People’s National Congress was brought to a much-anticipated end, as the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic secured a resounding and conclusive victory on October 5, 1992.

The Peoples Progressive Party/Civic ascent to power was recorded as the first free and fair elections in a post-independent Guyana. For the first time in 28 years, citizens were able to dream, aspire and carve out a future that was truly Guyanese. Private enterprise was encouraged to organize, and the political partieswere viewed as valued competitors,rather thanenemies of the state. The Peoples Progress Party/Civic inherited an economy that was in poor financial health, along with a disillusioned and bewildered population, and transformed it into a prosperous nation, a matter of 23 years. The Peoples Progressive Party opened Guyana to the international system by rekindling diplomatic relations with our traditional partners, and much neededfinancial assistance from the Bretton Woods institutions.

Post-May 2015 has seen the return to the dark days of the Peoples National Congress –through the pilotingof an A Partnership for National Unity brand, alongwith an Alliance for Change co-brand. The Peoples National Congress has never been open to democratic values and principles, and went to great length to exercise total control of the economy – which began with a Peoples National Congress/United Force collation government. Autocratic rule and elitism, followedthe politicization of government institutions and agencies, as well as the militarization of the state – all central to the domination of the economy, bythen People’s National Congress administration (Burnham1968 – 1985, Hoyte 1985-1992).The People’s National Congress Party sought this route,since it was inevitable from its very formation (1957), that a clean and fair victory against the Peoples Progressive Party was unrealistic. The People’s Progressive Party/Civic philosophy continues to be(PPP 1950 – 1992, PPP/C 1992 –Present)underpinned by the advancement of the economic and social wellbeing of the ordinary citizen. To this end, the People’s Progressive Party fought tirelessly for the collective voice of the masses be heard, and the unfettered exercise of their free will. The People’s Progressive Party has stimulated and nurtured a democratic culture during its 23 years in government, which has allowed for the participation of every citizen in the political process. As anticipated, the People’s National Congress led collation government has carefully orchestrated a reversal to an undemocratic political system – the very system which kept the Party in power for almost three decades.Guyana most now grapple with this stark reality, as President Granger gracefully positions himself to receive the blessing as an autocratic ruler, with an elitist political view.

Authoritarianism is back! The Granger led administration is fixated in the beliefand practice of government ‘from above’.

As you would recall, since this collation government took office in 2015, they have been exercising their authority regardless of popular consent. The appointment of the GECOM Chairman, interference in the Police Service Commission, discontinuing of the Amaila Hydro Falls Project, and the secretive signing bonus from ExxonMobil, are but a fraction of the examples which can be used to explain the authoritative nature of this government – led by no other than the President himself.

President Granger’s autocratic style goes against the grain of the democratic culture the People’s Progressive Party/Civic helped to cultivate and nurture.

Guyanese have enjoyed a stable political environment under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, and the collectivevoice of the Private Sector, Civil Society, and the masses indicate that our democratic values are being eroded by the Granger led collation government.

This must be taken very seriously by the people of Guyana, since an undemocratic political system will destroy the economy, and each citizen’s life and livelihood will be negatively impacted. The people of Guyana must now organize themselves in the form of social control, to ensure their democratic rights and privileges, are not denied in the political process.

President Granger is no stranger to the People’s Progressive Party/Civic. The Party is aware of his unwavering loyalty to the ‘Burnhamite’ philosophy.

President Granger is cunning, and he is carefully crafting his manipulation of the consent of the masses. Citizens do not be fooled, the ‘iron law of oligarchy’had been reborn under the Granger-led administration. The current administration is authoritative, with an elitist political view, as President Granger seeks to consolidate his power.

The march of autocratic leaders cannot be halted, unless citizens get involved. Let us get involved in the political process and influence decision making at all levels of government – as the worse is yet to come. Failing to take action now, will see the rise of dictator and ‘psychological lion’.

Bishop Juan Edghill, PPP/C MP




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