President concerned about publication of “fake news”


BY Michael Younge

President David Granger on Sunday said that he was concerned over the broadcast and publication of fake news as he hosted media operatives for the annual media brunch held on the lawns of State House.

Granger, like US President Donald Trump, appeared to be bothered by the reportage and coverage by media of several events and stories that do not paint his administration in a good light and do particularly do not reflect his ideology.

This is not the first time President Granger has expressed concern about “fake news”, he began using the term after sections of the media started reporting on the country’s economic woes and symptoms which pointed to ‘prerecession’ within the country. Also when the news broke that Government had awarded itself a 50% salary increase ahead of public servants and just after winning the May 2015 elections, Mr Granger has been concerned about “fake news” even though there was nothing fake about that news.

“We acknowledge that every person has some bias ….we must try to be objective…Don’t publish fake news…. Don’t allow your bias to take the place of objectivity,” Granger cautioned media as he called for the Guyana Press Association to discipline reporters who said were “out of line” while performing their duties.

“…That’s the responsibility of the corp. itself and that’s why we need a strong GPA so that when individual members breach the code of professional ethics…the GPA must be able to call in its errant members and instruct them or guide them how to behave,” President Granger remarked.

The media brunch was attended by several high level Ministers of Government and media operatives who ply their trade on a day to day basis.


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