President calls on Guyanese to curtail use of single-use plastics on World Environment Day

President David Granger

“Plastic pollution represents a serious challenge to Guyana’s environmental security. Plastic pollution is dangerous. It has contributed to congested drainage systems; resulted in flooding and insanitary conditions; depleted aquatic life and contaminated creeks, rivers, freshwater supplies and waters used for drinking, bathing, fishing and washing.”

These were the remarks of President David Granger on the occasion of  World Environment Day 2018, celebrated on June 5, who said further that “Guyana is on the way to becoming a ‘Green State’. It is developing policies aimed at protecting the environment by reducing, and eventually eliminating, plastic pollution.”

According to the President, “This day, the most important day in the UN’s calendar of events dealing with the environment, is an opportunity for nations and peoples around the world to recommit to practical policies and sustained action to promote global environmental security…This year’s theme – “Beating Plastic Pollution” – reminds us that the indiscriminate and insanitary dumping of single-use plastics and other non-biodegradable substances threatens the health of citizens and the food they consume.”

Highlighting that “Now is the time to act!” the President said “Guyanese, everywhere, can help beat plastic pollution by curtailing their use of single use plastics, disposing of plastics responsibly and switching to environmentally friendly alternatives.”

State Minister, Joseph Harmon

In April of this year, State Minister Joseph Harmon had announced that the Department of the Environment (DoE) is working on a proposal consisting of measures, which include a ban on the use of single-use plastics in Guyana.

Harmon who was at the time speaking at an event at the Baridi Benab at State House to mark Earth Day, said that the proposal document will be engaging the attention of Cabinet soon.


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