President calls for renewed Patriotism/Nationalism from political parties



Ramotar 3[] – President Donald Ramotar during his address to the nation on Guyana’s 48th Independence Anniversary has called for renewed patriotism and nationalism from all political parties.

“Opposing for opposition’s sake and introducing blackmail methods in our politics will gain us nothing, indeed even if it gives results in the short term, it will damage the moral fabric of our society in the medium and long term,” he said.

The Head of State posited that the only criteria should be what is in the interest of all people and the country.

“My dear countrymen and women on this our 48th Anniversary, allow me to call on all to take special pride in our achievements and to make a greater contribution to the improvements of our country.”Ramotar

President Ramotar observed that Guyana has truly emerged as a democratic nation respecting and protecting human rights, since gaining independence on May 26, 1966.

“These are things that we must guard like our ancestors guarded their dream of freedom and equality. We must not take it for granted; we must always try to strengthen these rights and we should let those who condemn them, those who abuse them know the harm they are inflicting on our country,” Ramotar added.

He urged all to work in greater cooperation and unity, adding that country still has a lot to do to further enhance the quality of life in Guyana. He pointed out however the improvements in education, health care and housing and favorable economic growth.

“Our private sector has made significant achievements in every area of endeavour. Much investments are taking place in mining, agriculture, tourism, commerce and information based technology.”

He questioned: How can we talk about developing our tourist market and oppose a Marriot Hotel Project as well as a modern airport and airstrips in the interior? How can we speak of Human Development and cut the money to provide loans to students at the University of Guyana and remove all the monies committed to advancing the transformation of Amerindian Village economies and speeding up their integration into mainstream Guyanese economy? How can we speak about fighting corruption and Narco-trafficking and refuse to pass the FATF and CFATF compliant Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism bill?

“What will Guyana gain by these irresponsible and reckless tactics in our body politic? This I believe will have an impact on the collective morality of our nation. These actions threaten the foundations of our freedom and democracy that our fore parents fought so gallantly for.”

The Head of State said over the years his administration has worked tirelessly to restore and consolidate the new born democracy and embed it in the constitution, laws, institutions and administrations.



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